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The woman who filed the lawsuit in search of to test if Salvador Dali is his father, María Pilar, Abel Martinez, was born 61 years ago in Figueres, Catalan province of Gerona. It is a profession, a seer, astrologer, tarot reader and fortune teller who worked for several years in a program of tarot on the television of their locality.

Abel says his mother, Antonia Martinez de Haro, had a romance with the painter in Cadaqués, where his mother was working as maid in home of a neighboring family of Dali. The painter lived at that time with his wife Gala in the population of the Costa Brava catalana.

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His mother, Antonia Martinez de Haro, he was 16 years old when he began to work for a couple of families of Cadaqués. There were established Dalí and Gala when the couple returned from New York, in the early fifties. Antonia met Dalí when he was 25 years old and in 1955 the young and the genius had sexual relations several times. “They lived a clandestine love,” says Pilar. When it was found to be with child, Antonia moved back to Castelló d’empuries, where he contracted marriage with Juan, a boy of 29 years old who gave their names to the newly born.

For years it has been the fortune-teller of the header of the tele local Gi TV, where it is called Jasmine

Antonia and John had another daughter, Pepi, who died a few years ago. Now, alone and without money, the Pillar should follow a judicial process if it ends in your favor, you could turn it into a millionaire. Although he says that none of this makes money, what is certain is that if the judge decides that Dali was the father of Abel, she would be entitled to 25 percent of the sizeable inheritance.

Until the age of eight, Pilar thought that was the daughter of John Abel and Antonia Martinez, the humble couple dedicated to work for the rich. Then his maternal grandmother he rebelled to the secrecy that has marked his life. As they walked by Figueras, the home town of the painter, met with a portrait of him and, according to the witch, his grandmother said to him: “That’s your father”. After that time, the left traumada, it took almost 50 years until he dared to ask his mother if it was true. Did not give a resounding yes, but that’s not a no, and with the passing of the years mother became ill.

The genius of surrealism claims to have inherited the “feel” of the painting, in addition is convinced that he has a great physical resemblance with the artist and also that as he is condemned by a ‘bad karma’ to be alone and to suffer much for his past. In addition, it ensures that Dali, like her, was an esoteric: “Dalí was esoteric butt. He painted his own cards (Tarot). And the fun that he had in Portlligat, it was all esoteric. Gala was also parasicóloga”, he adds.

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Pilar began working as a baker when he arrived at Gerona and became a very close friend of their bosses, Joan, and Mireya, a marriage that drove him to claim paternity of Salvador Dalí. Through them got in touch with the legal representative of the painter, Robert Descharnes, who has agreed to do a DNA test with a gastric tube used in one of the recent hospitalizations of the painter. A co-worker and the film maker Robert Bellsolá accompanied her to Paris, where he had a meeting with the representative of Dali. But after many months, he replied to the Pillar that the test had given a negative result.

In 2009 sued the writer Javier Cercas «inspired by her» for a character of his novel ‘Soldiers of Salamis’

Pillar has four daughters, is divorced and is already a grandmother. It is very well known in Gerona, where he has lived for nearly three decades. For years it has been the fortune-teller of the header of the tele local Gi TV, where it is called Jasmine. Is a woman of a chameleon, as soon carries the platinum blonde hair as jet black.

In 2009, his face turned to jump to the newspapers by a lawsuit filed against the writer Javier Cercas, as argued in his point, the writer had used his story to create a character in the successful novel and movie Soldiers of Salamina. The judge ruled against the seer, who had asked for 700 thousand euros as compensation for the moral damage he had supposed the portrait to the literature, a demand that was rejected.

The alleged daughter of Dalí had no money to even afford a lawyer to take the process, so I asked for “justice now” for not being able to defray the expenses of the exhumation of the painter.

Its economy has never been buoyant, but lately the accounts have been thinned.

However, she insists that her lawsuit does not seek money, but only to “carry with pride the last name Dalí, and see a smile on the face of my mother.”

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With all this plot is surreal, who sure would be happy it would be Dalí himself, who not only continues to live in his works and his legacy, but also in this gruesome story of his alleged affair.

*With information from DPA and EFE



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