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Shirley Barahona is the seer ecuadorian consulted for many celebrities, politicians and footballers. Said Missions Online TV that in the October elections “the party of Government will have a resounding triumph, from 90 percent in all provinces”. Also asked the President to “take a look at Missions” and warned that they may suffer an attack. In terms of the football he said that Boca will win the Libertadores next year. The ecuadorian is in Posadas to perform tomorrow at 17:30 a ritual open, I greet the water in the fourth section of the waterfront of Posadas in front of the Paraná river. The ceremony is open to all who wish to attend, in the occasion you can make a request and then present an offering, which can be petals of red roses or a red fruit.

Shirley Barahona came to Posadas from the hand of the Foundation Awua, to join a team of alternative therapies.

“We’re going to do a ritual for the President Mauricio Macri look at Missions as it has to be, because Missions have to be the eyes of the world. Morning in addition to we began the rite so that Argentina is in the world”, expressed on the activity this Friday at the Waterfront of the capital missionary.

According to the seer of the virgin has been contacted: the Virgin of Tilcara, ask that you do not look to Maradona as a God, and that is to pay tribute to other virgins, so he said that will pay tribute to the patron saint of Inns.

In terms of their predictions on football Shirley Barahona said that “Argentina is going to shine in the next world”. The seer said that many of the consultations in Argentina were for the championship. In this regard he stated that the following year the Mouth will raise a glass for international.

In terms of politics, said that Macri will end the mandate peacefully, but “is still in force you might have an attack”, which is why we suggested not to be too exposed to the people when you make many changes. It stated that “the party of Government will have a resounding success in the next election, 90 per cent in all the provinces.”


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