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The seer Padme Castellanos claims to be the victim of pressures that have been forced to ask for help to the authorities following a complaint filed three months ago in the Office of Justice of the State of Mexico for sexual harassment against Carlos Lizarraga, a member of The Original Band The Lemon.

“Between the last few days here, I have received death threats so I can remove the complaint and not proceed with it,” he confessed in an interview for the program Today.

“I know that many people have said that it is only a spanking, and I always said ‘under no circumstances should they be allowed to’”, he added.

Padme do not know the identity of the people who have been threatened, however, assured that she will continue with the lawsuit because they expected that many women have the courage to denounce any lack of respect or abuse to his person.

Similarly Castellanos responsible to the famous grouping if something were to happen to him and makes it clear that it will come to the last instance.

I put safety as definitely and obviously all of the threats are because they know that I no longer have the video, it is directly to remove the demand and obviously good from right now I’ll tell you, I’m not going to remove,” he concluded.

Last April Padme Castellanos sued Carlos Lizarraga for sexual harassment after the spanking that fired the member of The Original Band the Lemon, without your consent during the recording that took place for a program the 31 of march.


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