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This is the colombian Deseret Tavares

Throughout history, there have been many characters with the gift of «predicting» the future and our modern time is not the exception

So let see the seer colombian Deseret Tavares, who recently was a guest at the magazine Monday morning “A new Day”, the Telemundo network, to perform a series of predictions to viewers throughout the world.

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It is worth noting that it is the same as the past 13 of September he said Donald Trump was to become president of the united states and who also predicted the death of the singer Juan Gabriel.

So, based on the reading of their letters and in the eyes of the present, set out to reveal what would happen during this year.

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The site, ensures that things took on a darker tone when asked about the future of the us president, Donald Trump. «Tavares revealed with enormous seriousness that his letters were not predicting anything good for Trump, as he could see in them that over the next few months would lose his life in an attack,» according to the site.

Although he gave no names, if provided data on the possible attacker. It would be during an act of outdoor perpetrated by a man about 34 years old and of american nationality. «From what I could see, is a person who is not from the Middle East, but the one that is here,» added Tavares. At the same time made a call to ask for Trump and «ask for protection for this not to pass.»

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