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The family of Monica Rivero, the woman disappeared on February 13, when he was heading to a hair salon in Luis Alberto de Herrera and Ramon, Tuner, received information that would be dead and that his remains would be located in the Roosevelt Park.

So explained it to Underline his lawyer, Fabiana Gonzalez Raggio, who said that there was «match» in the information provided by four visionaries different, they describe the search area.

During the investigations of his disappearance, the Police found out that both she and her husband and two brothers are VIP clients of the Hotel Conrad of Punta del Este, recorded several times in the revenue system, by which it requested the establishment of a report of its expenditures and activities over the past two years. In February, the agents are also trying to find out if there is linkage between a complaint filed by the company Lestido, where Smith works, about the shortage of almost 200,000 dollars. The money was managed by women.

Montevideo Portal consulted Marcelo Acquistapace, one of the visionaries who worked at the beginning of the case.

Acquistapace explained that he was contacted by the sister of Monica and that he was working in contact with the family until about three weeks ago, although yesterday I did a new test in an independent way. «I do not generated detachment, which means that he was not deceased. He was as it were hidden in a place, and then I gave them some references, that I listened to the passage of a route,» said the seer.

However, he pointed out that he had disagreements with the family then call him for tell you that you were in contact with a seer (that «said any nonsense», as he clarified), and then with another that supposedly coincided with what he had said. «I have no problem in help in the form of honorary, as I always do, but not this way,» he said.

«Last night I tried to position myself a little without working with the garments. And what calls me the attention is that I see her blonde and in activity,» said Acquistapace, that after make a new test again to connect with Montevideo Portal. «I feel like every day is a stimulus associated with the slot machines. I get the feeling that he was pulling out something silver for daily living. In addition, it tells me that it is in an intermediate city (where there are casinos), not a big city. And what calls the attention, is that it is well contrasted by the hair and made a change of lenses,» he said, clarifying that note a «blue color» in your new glasses.


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