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Elias Antonio Cortez Gomez said, «a spiritual guide». Had their own programs on local radio stations.


In a traffic accident recorded last Monday, died Elías Antonio Cortez Gomez, 45 years old, known as native Tikuna.

The triple accident occurred on the detour to Santiago Nonualco, Zacatecoluca, department of La Paz.

The indian Tikuna was a spiritual guide and a «seer». Had their own programs on local radio stations. According to the authorities, his clinic operated in the same department.

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The body was trapped between the iron bars of the vehicle in which he drove and died when it was moved to a care center, added to the PNC.

In another incident, a man in a state of intoxication was run over in the vicinity of the East terminal. Data from the PNC reveal that after a fight was pushed to the street. At this time it is unknown of their identity.


In 2001, he aired the case of an accusation of fraud against a santero called Indian Tikuna. According to the victim, the scammer had a foreign accent as that of a colombian.

The incident occurred on January 31, 2001. Guadalupe a middle-aged woman did not endure more the migraine that has been plaguing you for over 25 years. One of her friends advised her to visit the witch doctor so-called Indian Tikuna. There would be the relief to your headache.

Guadalupe accepted the advice of his friend and went to visit the witch doctor in the company of her younger daughter. Upon arriving at the place, paid 100 colones per consultation, it was received by an elderly man dressed in a robe and golden and crowned with a plume of feathers. The clothing caused grace to the patient, but not demonstrated.

The peculiar character asked to Guadalupe, the reason for his visit; “I replied that I had a headache that I was not removed”, account.
As a first step read to him the hand, and then took the head and asked him to pray an Our Father. After, Tikuna questioned if he had a bank account and how much money you would have in it.

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Guadalupe gave a bad feeling the question, but he did not see much in it, and answered it. “I said that I had 40 thousand colones in the bank,” he recalls. She had saved that money for years and kept him to repair their house damaged by the earthquakes.

The santero called back the next day and you show him the face of the person that was doing harm.

The woman did not entirely believe in the witch, but returned the next day with her youngest daughter and with the certainty that it would not be scammed. “I am a miserly person, I agree. It is difficult for me to take money,” he says.

But that day, I would spend what she thought impossible. The same character of feathers and tunic saw her. To his surprise, Tikuna told him that it was healthy, that I had no bad. But warned him that he had to see his daughter to make sure that evil does not bore in the least.

After doing the “routine analysis”, the warlock is exalted and assured her that her daughter was in a life or death situation. Until today, Guadalupe is not explained how he could believe in the words of that witch.

Tikuna was determined that the woman I had to deliver 33 billion colones for carrying out the treatment that would save the life of the child. But the delivery of the cash you could not take, had to be immediate.

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The frightened mother took for true premonitions of the warlock, and agreed to forfeit their savings to save the life of his daughter.

Easy money
The warlock gave her a vehicle and a motorcyclist for the woman outside the bank as fast as possible and thus to have the money as soon as possible.

On the way, Guadalupe was thinking more in the safety of his daughter. “For a moment I thought I wanted to hurt you,” he recalls.

His thoughts were interrupted by the demands of the motorist. He, Tikuna and another witch met on the frightened woman the source of a good amount of easy money, for what each person was doing their own thing.

“Take all the money, I promise you that you will disclose the number of the lottery,” said the biker. But only withdrew the 33 thousand colones that he had been entrusted.

To return to the sanitarium, he found his daughter kneeling, praying the Our Father. “I asked him if he had done something; but thank God she told me not to,” he said.

The Indian Tikuna received the money and gave it to the motorist. After he explained to Guadalupe that was all, and that to be cured of a headache for him to visit a doctor.

When you return to your home, the woman realized that it had all been a hoax and that we had delivered almost all of the money that would be used to repair your home to a charlatan. After reflecting for several days and overcome the fear, decided to sue the witch doctor. So, it was cited, the Fifth Court of Peace, the Indian Tikuna, accused of scam, in October of 2001.

Worried about your image, tried to persuade the woman to withdraw his demand. In the end, the insistence in the case of Guadeloupe gave its fruits, when the warlock agreed to return the money even when he was declared innocent.

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