The famous seer uruguayan Gerardo Calabrese have book –

The world press considers him to be the first media of the River of the Silver.

This year will see the light in the Argentine Republic, a book of research new, based on real events, about the life of the seer uruguayan Gerardo Calabrese. This is not the first time that you write about this man, in the ninetieth year the journalist Cesar Di Candia wrote a biographical book about him.

Considered to be the first media of the River of the Silver, the icon of parapsychology, was the seer more required by the world’s artistic, corporate and political. Visit Calabrese in his office meant a wait of three months.

Among many things that are unusual that we highlight of this man is that he had a secretary in the Uruguay to the sister-in-law of the President of the Republic.

For that time the Spanish television was considered that the seer is more important and expensive in the world, since their query cost 500 dollars. The fame of Calabrese transcends in the news argentine Nuevediario for being a great transgressor, and something wayward. A great lover of parapsychology and the philosophy aroused curiosity, admiration and fear, which I had without care. A man who lived his way, throwing the money in the same way in which it was won.

We call Calabrese to tell us more of the book and gladly accepted.

What is the book “A man named Mystery”?

More than being a book about Gerardo Calabrese is on a seer that lived circumstances limits. And listened to the stories more chilling than people can imagine. The book is a research of the real facts of life, and quenched the curiosity of the people to know what happens in the office of a seer. The parade of consultants is very varied, from a old pedophile that sleeps with his own daughter, supported by the wife, a drug dealer, a murderer, nuns , priests, tv stars with fears and phobias. The range is endless. It is the biography of a seer. Where is read his own torment and that of the consultants. To have the gift of perception, that intuition so developed, you have always to the limit of the madness. Walking on the occult sciences, is not pleasant thing if you take it seriously like I did, you fall into the torment.

You were a celebrity of parapsychology, the seer, more well-known and seriously respected, consulted by people from all over the world, today do you miss the attention and the fame you had?

No, not at all. It was very expensive to be in the office. Sometimes I was caught by the anguish with cases that were harmful to mental health. In the last 10 years of consultation I would repeat to myself, a couple of months more and I withdraw.

But don’t retirabas…

What he said but he never did. The anguish I fought against spending compulsively, gratificándome, and thus was carrying. But one day I put the end-point. I have office, I closed the Bs As. and of Montevideo.

What did you do after leaving the doctor’s office?

I took a life sabbath: eat, sleep, read. Unfortunately I got hooked on philosophy, and I became more crazy.

What this madness what do you say, appears in the book?

Obvious, it looks like an unauthorized biography, but it is very authorized, at this stage of my life, all I slip.

What else are you left the office in so many years?

Get to know the people. Those who really do suffer and those who suffer by idiots. Those who are suffering for what they lack and do not appreciate what they have. I met the wickedness, without limitation, the ignorance of many politicians, betrayals, experts panderers. But the political issue is to write a separate book. See the greatness of many politicians that the people are ignorant and put them all in a same bag. “A man named Mystery” will appear in a few months in BS: AS., but I inspired by that book I’m writing “Stories of practice”, which has the cases and facts more impressive, in many cases with names and surnames. As a kind of biographies, non-authorized many characters evil. The book I had almost finished, but I stopped because I am waiting for the result of a story about the Argentino Hotel of Piriápolis that will surprise you. The margin of having a luxury of details the desprolijidad of the Ministry of Tourism. What is good is that each story will be supported by a variety of witnesses.

  1. – Why close the case of the Argentino Hotel?
  2. – Because it is one of the stories strongest I have ever known.
  3. – Does not that will bring you problems?
  4. – First I know that I’m covered, and what you say is true, among the things that I lost in life was the fear.
  5. – Today, how is your life?
  6. -I have the representation of the Twenty Century Fox and Warner Bros. When I am eager and inspired, I attend people of a waiting list that I have.


“The parade of consultants is very varied, from a old pedophile that sleeps with his own daughter, supported by the wife, a drug dealer, a murderer, nuns , priests, tv stars with fears and phobias. The range is endless”.

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