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When he was 18 days old she contracted meningitis and lost his sight, but that didn’t stop Maria del Carmen Rodriguez (35) to be an outstanding student in the college, finished his studies in Psychology and earning a degree in physical therapy. More than that, his disability was not an obstacle to be a theater actress.

She spent her childhood in Uruguay, the country of his father, where he began to have a passion for the art of the theatre. “Although I did not see anything, I became passionate about listening to the stories,” says Maria del Carmen, who, in his adolescence he came to Santa Cruz, the land of his mother, for being a good student in the college of Amadeo Mozart and then the best student of his promotion in the college night Don Bosco.

Started acting in college and years after, when I was studying Psychology, he heard on the radio a call for a casting to be part of the theater cast of the House of Culture. He went to the audition, was selected and during three years he has participated in seven works.
But how did he manage to be a good student and also a theater actress? Maria del Carmen says that she always had help from his dad, who helped him in his tasks and supporting their peers. “God removes some things and gives other, I always had a good retention, I learned how to do mental calculations, it was very good to expose; my colleagues dictated what was on the chalkboard and I wrote them in the system braille. I always had the help of my friends and teachers,” he says, grateful.

He also notes that in the essays of the theatre, we scored how many steps and which direction she had to walk. “A lot of people don’t realize that I could not see,” he says.
When their daughter was born, the girl had some physical complications and took two years to start walking. This made Mary, who is separated from her husband, to decide to study physical therapy to help your small.

Your girl needs treatment
The daughter of Maria del Carmen was the best student of his course in the first year of primary school. “I reminded myself,” she says, proud. But when he was in second started having problems, he struggled to learn and had headaches. With the time it was getting worse; she was diagnosed with a neurological disease degenerative. “The neurons will deteriorate and die; now it has 11 years old, but mentally he is as if he had five,” says the woman, who spends Bs 600 per month to neutralize the disease. “Once, by apu-
ros-economic, did not give him the drugs for two days and stopped walking. I had to recover with physical therapy,” he says.

Last year he managed the pediatric hospital Garraham, Buenos Aires will accept it to provide free treatment for five months. However, accurate between us $3,000 and 5,000 for lodging, food, and medicines. For colaborarla your phone is the 763-39626


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