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The vidente Reinaldo dos Santos requested through his Twitter that a representative of the house television and Latin America will make contact with him so that he could reveal —we assume— a new prediction about the disaster in Peru. This character was a response that you may not expect.

“Friends of Peru RT, that someone Often Latin or American TV to communicate with me, I have something to say about the disaster,” wrote Reinaldo dos Santos, who has more than 1 million and a half followers.

Before this order, that some users have described as “opportunistic”, America TV replied as well to your order: “Hi Reinaldo, in these moments, the most important thing for us is to help. Thank you.”

So they answered to the seer Reinaldo dos Santos that asked for it ... - Daily Perú21 1

Although in a few minutes, the seer removed the publication, was record of it. Hours earlier, he had assured that during the 2011 predicted that Peru would face these rains, and a powerful earthquake.

But, let’s be honest, it is no secret that Peru is located in a highly seismic zone known as the ring of fire and that also is victim to periodic El Niño Phenomenon that causes heavy rains to the north of the country.

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