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The Peruvian team will suffer until the end, but the same will achieve your ticket to Russia, according to seer.

Do the stars align with us? Waiting in despair, and although missing a few days, is made long, the moment of truth for the Peruvian team. The ticket to Russia depends on the next two games and the fans will light candles for all the ‘saints’ and are also visionaries?.

The peruvian journalist Jaime Bayly is one of those who can’t wait to see the outcome that will have the team of Gareca and because he had no better idea than to invite your program to a seer to forward the facts.

The tweet of the FIFA World Cup on the Peruvian team that seeks to improve your Monday

Bayly asked if the Peruvian team would classify to the World cup in Russia and the seer answered him, «yes, but scratch-off». He added that we will achieve our ticket to defeating New Zealand in the repechage.

In addition, the seer pointed out that Argentina also categorize the world and the selection that is left out will be the champion of America, Chile.

In Argentina they ask an eleven with several players from Mouth to beat Peru

I wish you, and you are right, but what is certain is that the two-tone us and shrinks and the 5th of October will go to The Bombonera in search of to get a good result and to get closer to the classification.


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Peruvian team: seer ensures that the two-tone will be classified by ... - Daily Sports 1


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