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Vidente Carlinhos reappeared in the media after the prediction of the death of the former first lady Marisa Letícia. He said that politicians would be perceived and would pay dearly for the corruption in the country, as the husband of Marisa Leticia, the former brazilian president luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is being investigated for corruption in the Operation Lava Jato.

The fame sudden the #Seer came thanks to the predictions made in the 2014 World Cup, in which he said that Germany would win of 7 to 1 from Brazil and that Neymar will not participate in the last two games. At the end of the year 2016, also foresaw the tragedy with the plane of the Chapecoense and it still says that you will have another fall of a plane #2017 and 2018 with a team in rio that will be playing in another state, however will not be a serious accident as the plane does not fall from a height very large.

Carlinhos still makes more predictions about brazilian politics. According to him, the President Michel Fear is going to resign his post in April 2017, due to problems with the justice, and then, be convened new elections. Who is going to win will be Álvaro Days of the PSDB, disputing with Marina Silva and Ciro Gomes.

The year 2017 with a major natural disaster. There will be a large landslide in the region of Rio de Janeiro, Teresópolis, and Petrópolis are they going to kill 200 to 300 people. The South coast of the country will be invaded by a Tsunami, which is going to start around the middle of the night and will end 01:30 in the morning. The city most affected will be, according to him, Balneário Camboriú, which will be submerged in the water in some parts, hampering the recovery and stifling the tourism, causing a major crisis.

The program “The Afternoon” of the TV Network! submitted by Sonia Abram had a conversation with the seer by telephone. He said that will be a tragedy in a helicopter with someone very famous, which makes reports in the great São Paulo. Carlinhos account that the aircraft has a problem and that, in order not to fall on top of the houses, the pilot will attempt to deflect, but it’s going to end up falling in the river.

The year 2016 has not been easy for anyone and, according to the seer, Carlinhos, 2017 will also be a very difficult year, things are only going to get better by the end of this year to the year 2018. #Torrential Rains



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