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Carlos Lizarraga, a member of The Original Band The Lemon, it was denounced by the seer Padme Castellanos, who says that the clarinetist of the group took advantage of the circumstances to give you a spanking.

The incident occurred last march 31, while the seer was in a recording with other artists that gave him the ‘kick of luck’, which supposedly Carlos Lizarraga took it as an opportunity and not only gave it a ‘kick’ but also a spanking that, according to Castellanos will be left to the toes painted.

“Most of the people I told, the 80%, ‘Padme so it was just a whack’, but a spanking for whom if is not under your consent,” said the seer, by a Facebook Live that was from the office of the Prosecutor General of Justice of the State of Mexico on Saturday 1 April, when it filed the complaint.

Padme Castellanos will hold a press conference this April 4, where it is said that he will present a video of the way in which the events happened.

«All the women we must respect and as long as you do not allow it will always be an abuse to your body,” said the seer by another Facebook Live.

In addition, Padme Castellanos asked people to not focus on the negative comments: “My dear cosmic family, is simply to assert our right as a woman”, he added.

Carlos Lizarraga has been kept away from the cameras, but Lorenzo Mendez and Gerardo Sanchez, her fellow members of The Original Band The Lemon, spoke before the cameras of the Fat and the Skinny.

«We gave him the little kick of luck, I think that Carlos was thrilled and spent a little bit but I think he is right to talk about that,» said Lorenzo Mendez.

The Original Band The Lemon defends the woman who ensures was humbled and touched by them /Univision

«Something so small, make it big,» confirmed Gerardo Sánchez of The Original Band The Lemon.

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