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The controversial psychic and clairvoyant of cuban origin Mhoni Vidente has caused uproar in the Network following a ‘predict’ this Tuesday in a radio broadcast the arrival in the gulf of Mexico hurricane Irma «category 6», which in recent hours has enhanced its strength to category 5, the highest on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

The powerful tropical cyclone threat to a number of Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico and is expected to reach Florida (USA) this weekend.

In the radio broadcast, Mhoni Seer, says: «they come two hurricanes gentlemen. Had not entered the hurricanes at theGgolfo of Mexico because God wants us with the soul. But, unfortunately, this year if I see that two hurricanes are going to come… going to see one almost category 6 does not exist, but it’s going to be so strong, that it will arrive from Puerto Rico,» he said.

The popular seer has generated controversy for some of his «predictions».

Even, she herself declared that I would never make them after not being able to guess the outcome of the elections presidential of the united States for the past 8 November.

Mhoni gave the winner the then-democratic candidate Hillary Clinton about the republican Donald Trump.

In addition, in June last expressed their intentions to run as a candidate for the Presidency of Mexico for the elections of 2018.

To this end launched a poll through his Twitter profile with the title #MhoniVidenteElCambioPresente.



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