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The parents of Rodrigo Hredil, a young rionegrino 23-year-old who was studying in the Bay and disappeared in July of 2015, reported to a seer by attempting to divert the search.

«Already appeared several times saying that she knows that Rodrigo did disappear the family, who are liars and hiding the truth», assessed the lawyer Ana Schiavonne.

Veronica Contreras de Los Santos, who claims to be a seer, he had already placed a «muzzle» legal after he led a demonstration against the family of Sofia Herrera, the small disappeared about 9 years ago in Tierra del Fuego.


«The Justice questioned, and felt absolutely ridiculous what he said,» he added.

Rodrigo disappeared on July 31, 2015 and was last seen in The Caves.

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The lawyer said that he wants the seer «to ratify or rectify their sayings and the judge to initiate a criminal case because this exceeds any thing».

«It is very serious that a single person will believe you because it stops searching. And the most important tool that we have is that the people look», expanded.

And he concluded: “The family was investigated during a year, we conducted two raids on different properties, never refused to be investigated because they knew that was part of the procedure, despite the terrible anguish that had for the time lost that it implied. We will follow the false imputation of this crime to the last consequences”.


To provide data

Communicate to the 02920-15473465. You can also head to the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Viedma in Laprida 292 Level 1, charge of the judge Favio Igoldi.

How is Rodrigo

The boy, a native of The Caves, is physical make-up thin, measured 1.80 meters tall, of fair complexion, has short hair and light eyes.

Has a tattoo on the right rib that says “John the Baptist Araya”. (New., Canal 10 Rio Negro, Chronic Fueguinas)

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