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Asesinato de Diego Anyer: se consolidó la pista de la “vidente” y ordenaron peritar 13 celulares


The judge of Instruction Three of San Vicente, Gerardo Helmet, ordered that 13 cell phones seized in the framework of the cause for the murder of Diego City (20) to be subjected to expertise by the Secretariat to Support the Complex Research of the Judicial Power (SAIC). It seeks to establish if there were connections revealing among the suspect and the victim and between the defendant and his environment. In addition, to know if the phone of the main accused was in the area where they killed of a gunshot wound to the boy.
The city was found dead on the side of the national route 14 at km 698, with a bullet in the face. It was on Wednesday, January 18, around 22.
Detectives confirmed that the main hypothesis is the one that leads to the 19-year-old was charged with the crime. It is the same track that took effect nationwide because it arose after the deceased he appeared to a girl of 14 years to reveal to him who had been the murderer.
Judicial sources pointed out that the researchers were already working on that assumption, but the visions of the teenager provided a key piece of information: the identity of a key witness, 12 years of age. The girl said that her boyfriend (now arrested) admitted to have been the one who ran to the City. It is further stated that the young man had anticipated that he would give trouble to the victim, whom he accused of trying to seduce the girl.
The key witness explained that the night of the murder her boyfriend went to their house and then banging on the window told him that it had complied with teach a good lesson to the City. He even said that he showed a weapon. That revolver never appeared, despite numerous raids that were made to bear with him. It is believed that the suspect made them disappear that same night.
The baby of 12 years and the defendant reside in Two of May. The sources said that just happened the fact, testimonials have guided the researches toward the now imputed, that was even delayed. But then he was released within a few hours. He was released from prison until the teenager who had visions turned to put it on the table.
The city had received two death threats days before the murder. One had come from a man who had an affair with his mother and that he wanted to resume the relationship. The subject accused Diego of to oppose that dating. The other bullying was the boy’s who now is accused for the killing: the apparent intent of the City to woo his girlfriend had been the cause of the bullying.
The threat of the jealous boyfriend was the one that was imposed as a hypothesis, even more after the emergence of the so-called “seer”.
With regard to the “seer”, the judge Helmet available for her counseling. The professionals that attended confirmed that you do not have mental problems and who is telling the truth.
The girl said to the judge who twice appeared to him the City to give details of his death. And he admitted that such a circumstance had transformed to her in a very large charge.
Once they are ready the expertise of the SAIC, the magistrate judge will decide if you go or not the pretrial detention of the defendant.


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