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The unusual case was recorded between Friday and the following days in the town of San Vicente, after that the girl attends the wake of Diego City20-year-old, who had been shot in the face, on Wednesday, 18.

The young man’s body was found around 22 on the roadside of the national road 14 , and from the beginning, the researchers ruled out the possibility of a «murder on the occasion of robbery»because the victim had all of his belongings, including a sum of money.

With that item, the research is oriented towards a course adjustment accounts for issues associated with the trafficking or a drama of passion, but none of the two possibilities advanced in the first hours of the investigation.

In the midst of the ideas and goings of the police, the justice ordered the delivery of the corpse of the City to their family for appropriate burial, after the implementation of standard procedures for cases of violent death, as the autopsy.

Coincidentally, it was learned that the girl who would have special powers, she was admitted in the hospital of San Vicente in a state of shock, apparently because they have traveled a circumstance of mind especially after attending the wake.

According to revelations of the police officers who were investigating the death of the young City, the girl commented that it would have revealed that the only person arrested until the moment, a man of 51 years would not have been the perpetrator of his death.

The local newspaper is the First Edition noted that the teenager, describing his vision, said the «father and the boyfriend of a young man of (the town of) Two of May», according to the description of the appearance of the young deceased, who in addition would have requested to transmit the data to the Justice.

The details of the case were provided to the authorities by the seer in police headquarters, where it went accompanied by a brother of 20 years, in the presence of regional heads, head of Homicide and a professional in educational psychology.

In this area, the teen would have said that the City was intercepted by seven persons travelling in a white van, went down and attacked, until the young man tried to escape, but was caught by the father of the young woman who was wooed by him.

The man «he was shot in the face and they all ran away towards Dos de Mayo», would have told the teenager, with which the research is focused on the figure of the supposed in love with the City, his family and other relatives.

With the data provided by the seer, according to the same newspaper, lpolice mission arrested 19-year-old, alleged partner, a girl of 12 years to which the deceased would court, in addition to three other subjects of 23, 28 and 18 years; a minor of 16 and the stepfather of the girl who would be the protagonist of the conflict which resulted in a death.

In the framework of the investigation, the judge of instruction of San Vicente, Gerardo Helmet, ordered a raid of the homes of the suspects, where they would have kidnapped several clothes with stains that would be of blood, in the meantime continues to search for the weapon that would have been used in the fact.


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