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Mhoni Seer, and his new predictions for the world

The seer of the stars nailed it with accuracy the magnitude of the earthquake of 19 September.

By Gisselle Acevedo Wednesday 27 September 2017

If it sounded surprising that Mhoni Vidente, the seer of the famous had been successful in his prediction about the earthquake of the 7th of September in Mexico, which is known to left 110 buildings damaged in Chiapas and Oaxaca, it will leave you without words to know that the same Mhoni also was right to predict the exact magnitude of the earthquake of 19 September.

This last announcement gave him when the seer was in the broadcast of the program the Sun Comes out, where very safe, warned of the quake of 7.1 degrees. So he said!

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«God in his helplessness and pain, trembles, is when he pulls out all the negative energy. That’s why trembles in Mexico, in Venezuela and in Chile and everywhere because God is getting everything wrong. And here in Mexico is going to shake, 7.1 or 6.9,» said Mhoni leaving you surprised to the viewers that they never imagined that it would fulfill his vision.

After this chilling #prediccióncumplida, the astrologer came out to speak in front of the cameras and asked to pray:

«Friends, thank you for your support and prayers, have been a few hours very difficult and complicated here in #CDMX, but we have the faith high».

However, Mhoni had another strong vision, after which, through a revelation that he shared on the broadcast radio Don Cheto said:

«It was now the 13th of August, that the Virgin of Fatima appeared on may 13 and all days 13. On the 13th of August I was in my house, which is his home, praying, and appears to me the back of the Virgin Mary, the Virgin of Fatima and says to me, ‘Mhoni, tell them to pray the rosary, to pray for me; that things are difficult, that comes to a disaster in Asia, tell them that it comes to an earthquake almost category 10 with a tsunami, tell them to pray much, that the mercy of God will be with us’. Gentlemen, let us pray a lot because they are very difficult situations and nothing more the Virgin Mary appears when you have a message of salvation and asks us to pray for her»

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It should be clear that this last prediction of Mhoni does not involve Mexico, but they are for the world events.

«I don’t see another quake, gentlemen. I do not see any earthquake over in Mexico, do not be alarmed, as we spent two very strong. We must be calm, and there is to recover from this situation.»

Here the video where he announces predictions:



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