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This 21st day of August, the energies of your sign will be renewed in all senses. I recommend that this Monday’s eclipse will put something silver or a red ribbon on the right wrist with three knots as protection and, so that the negative energies to become positive. It’s going to be a week of great personal achievements, finally you decide to be happy with your partner and be more stable. Beware of theft or loss, try to be wary of people who are very close to you. You decide to get a cosmetic surgery and all you will get out of the best. You are the leader of the zodiac by nature, and that means that you are the pillar in all, more in your family. You will suffer the betrayal of a friend. Aries singles will have a lot of compatibility with the signs of Leo, Virgo and Pisces. Your lucky numbers: 03, 21 and 18.


Your energy will be a little worn out by the eclipse, try not to do any formality of credit or closures of contracts so that in the future you will not go wrong. Remember that your sign is the businessman of the zodiac, so I encourage you today to put holy water in the back of the neck and the front, load a green lemon in the bag, and so cut all the negative things that you have in your environment. You get money for a procedure of the past, or a payment of commissions. Don’t rush to marry or commit yourself, first know well your partner. You are invited to go on a trip or visiting family. Your compatibility in love is going to be with the signs of Capricorn, Libra and Cancer. Take care of back pains or neck, remember that friendship and love is not bought, it gives. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 28 and 71.


This day your energy will be somewhat damaged by the eclipse, in the sense of health. I recommend you to use some gold or silver after you bathe, as well as get a lot of perfume so that you can protect from the negative energies around you. Don’t fight with your partner and not hold grudges, remember that your sign is very dramatic and anything what makes it look very altered. You are looking for offer a business, accept, remember that you need to do more wealth in your life. To the gemini who are in the process of divorce finally come to an agreement and solve this situation. Take care of sore throats or try to leave the cigar. You are invited to go on a trip for work. Your signs are compatible in love: Aries, Leo and Capricorn. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers: 03, 22 or 71.


This Monday you will have many changes of thoughts and feelings. Your sign is water, and all the phenomena will alter much for that, I recommend that today cuts the tips of the hair and try to wear a red ribbon in the left ankle, tied with three knots, and much perfume, so that cuts everything negative and turn it into a positive. You feel more in love and living together with your partner is doing that you think to form a family or to commit, do it that you are at your best time. You ask for a salary increase or promotion; give it to you immediately. Your stroke of luck are going to be with the numbers 06, 55 or 31. This week your guardian angel advises you to have more communication with the divine. Don’t do any surgery medical in these days, remember that the energies are crossed.


This August 21, you should be careful with the energies cross, to take into account that your sign rules the sun and now with eclipse may affect you in the work and personal life. I recommend that today you put holy water all over your body and clothes three white candles to cut out all this current negative. Remember that someone very important is going to help you grow professionally this week. Try not to fight with anyone and be more quiet. You receive a proposal of work and it’s going to be in another country or state. Looking for you your mom to go to a trip. Manage roles of courts that will come out in favor of yours. Don’t let the exercise and follow the diet that your body will thank you. Remember that working together makes everyone win more. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 02, 11, or 87.


This 21 of August will be greatly damaged your health with the eclipse and you will have problems with your coworkers. Take into account that your sign is of much feeling, and this phenomenon is going to affect you, so I recommend you light a red candle with perfume of yours and get some copper or silver to cut the negative energy. It will be a week of big changes on the personal, you finally decide to take those people who are not for you. You sore to the proposal of a work in administration or public relations, embrace it because it gives you very easy. Don’t spend and saving for a heritage. Beware of infections of skin or on the sexual plane. Go to the doctor. Do a test to enter school or prepare for your college classes. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 04, 33 or 27.


This August 21, the day of solar eclipse you must be careful with accidents or falls, remember that your sign is air and in this Monday’s going to be very revolts energies and will feel in the environment. I recommend that ports a ribbon to black or red on the right wrist, with a religious image and turn on a white candle to cut out everything negative. This week you will have very good job opportunities or your bosses you felicitarán and give economic recognition for your good performance at work. You’ll see someone in the sign of Aries or Capricorn that you are going to bring abundance and luck in to your life. File it your visa or residence. You decide to change your house or you send arrange in which you live. Be careful with your credit card, you are going to make it a fraud. Your lucky numbers: 32, 19, or 77.


Today you will experience a radical change in your life, so you should be prepared and protect yourself lighting seven white candles or wear a lot of perfume and a silver necklace. Your sign of the eclipse will cause more damages because of the energy crusades. You represent to the moon and the sun together and, when they conflict, completely change your course zodiac. Are going to be days paying off debts. Don’t believe everything that you promise and keep your feet on the ground when making a transaction. Care with stomach problems. Already do not be so bored with yourself, give a purpose to your life. Your guardian angel tells you that finally, after the 27th day of August, you fill out of success in professional life. Calm Scorpion, is already yours , your lucky numbers are 32,17 and 66. To the Scorpion, who are married, don’t discuss it much.


Today you will protect you from the solar eclipse, you don’t see at the moment that is happening because you’ll be very damaged in issues of the nervous system and in the economy. I recommend you to use a ribbon to yellow and red in your right ankle, with three knots and a lot of perfume after bath so that the negative energies don’t come. It’s going to be a week something heavy at work, many of the problems of auditing or billing. Do you remember a love that was without saying anything, closes that circle and move forward in your personal life. It is time to start a diet or to stop the laziness and start exercising. The notification of a claim or fix it, something of the notary public. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 06, 55 or 81. Don’t put as much attention to what they say about you, is still as authentic.


This 21st day of August you will have many variants on in your personal life due to the side effects of the eclipse, remember that you are the thinker of the zodiac sign and it’ll affect your emotions, mental; or to have negative thoughts or revenge. I recommend you to turn on three white candles and wear a medal with a religious image on the neck to protect you from everything negative. Week of saying good-bye to all of that, that is not for you, remember that love is given without condition, and if that person is not you appreciated it is better to close the circle. Your guardian angel says that your fear is the biggest obstacle in your life. You decide to buy a house, you finish doing your phd or master’s degree. You are looking for a new love of the sign Virgo, or a Taurus that is going to be very compatible with you. Your lucky numbers: 31, 27 or 99.


This August 21, you should be very cautious in your decisions, personal or work, because you tend to have blockages in your mind to make the best decision. Remember that your sign is air and the eclipse of this Monday is going acausar many effects on the environment and more in the air; you are going to make you think things that are not, or to attract the depressions. I recommend that this Monday will put a red ribbon on the right wrist, loaded a silver coin in your wallet and wear a lot of perfume after bathing to cut those negative energies. You know the wedding of a friend that you would be pleased. It stops the frustrations and complexes aside and take the happiness, no matter how you get the love. You are very good for public relations or sales, looking at that. Your lucky numbers are: 37, 88 and 15.


This Monday will be a day of a lot of energy riots, that’s why I recommend not to take any credit and do not make any job change, remember that your sign is water and governs the moon, and this eclipse force lunar is going to be very strong and uncontrolled. I recommend you to use a red ribbon in the right ankle, bathe with cold water and neutral soap, and put on perfume so that cuts all the negative. You get the proposal of a new business and will be in advertising or sales of cellular, embrace it you are going to get the best. You think leave the negative things of your life and begin to move forward in the personal. In love you will still most in love with, and already thinking about to formalize. Your best support partner is with the signs: Pisces, Gemini or Virgo. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 51, 27, and 08.


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