Mhoni Seer is going to run… for president of Mexico! – The Sun of Mexico

The fortune-teller Mhoni Vidente has raised their desire to become the first woman to govern our country.

Through hashtag #MhonividenteelcambioPresente the fortune-teller has shared several messages in the even warns the government that it will seek to change for the elections that will live in Mexico next year.

“Friends, we remain on plan for the Salvation of Mexico, that is why I engage all with an Action of Positive Thinking. I invite all Mexicans to ourselves who Governs our Country. Many Politicians are invited to a Coalition, or to join to the strongest characters of Mexico, but they forget to invite the most important We the people.

“Soon I will tell you the Action of Campaign Networks in each State and we will do ourselves without spending a weight, Also you will raise all the problems of each Municipality, City and States you are going to expose . But what is more important to take All of Mexico once again to be Strong. It’s not going to be easy but neither Difficult #FuerzayFe”, he wrote in his profile of Facebook.

Mhoni is cuban, a situation that would prevent you from trying to push this project. To be president you need to be a mexican citizen by birth, child of father or mother mexican and have resided in the country for at least twenty years.

In addition to having 35 years of age at the time of the election and have resided in the country throughout the year preceding the day of the election.


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