Mhoni seer predicts winner between Mayweather and McGregor – THE DEBATE

The controversy Mhoni Seer could not do to wait for your predictions on the themes that occur in the world, and in sports obviously the fight that has captured the eyes of all could not miss; this is the meeting of Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor.

It was on 23 August when he was invited to the well-known program El Show de Don Cheto, where he played as the main theme that comes after the solar eclipse; and among their themes highlighted Donald Trump, Venezuela, Steve Bannon, Julion Alvarez, Rafa Marquez among others.



It is known that this woman has been remarkably successful in everything he says, even predicted the arrival of a hurricane of category 4 or 5 would travel the atlantic, passing through Cuba and arrived in the gulf, being very alert to the state of Texas and Tamaulipas.


During the entertaining program video Show de Don Cheto, he also emphasized his prediction about the eclipse. He said that after this the energies of the world would change for good for the sake of progress, that this astral phenomenon, he said, had to do with the actual date of the birth of jesus Christ, coinciding with the eclipse.



And in addition to this they put aside the topic of Donald Trump, where he promises that his polemics continue to appear and talking about a compromise on the issue of his re-election.

Approximately the minute number 13 of the video where it collects the recording of his appearance on the program, discusses the debated topic of the big fight of the year in which judgment clearly stated that the meeting was decanted in favor of Floyd Mayweather in the ninth round.



This woman has not ceased to be a trend in Mexico and the united States from previous years and now persists in its predictions, which are very followed by the latino public.




What experts say the fight of Mayweather and McGregor

By: The Debate In Las Vegas, United States.- The criticism and the rejection that the world of the sport of boxing has shown environment to the fight that tonight’s going to play the former world champions Floyd Mayweather junior and the fighter of mixed martial arts, Conor McGregor, there is prevented the experts to assess the possibilities of both.








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