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Mhoni Seer tells you all that you have in store for the astros in matters of health, money and love for this week.


Week of luck in everything related to business, but you need to leave behind the friendships that you are only looking for interest. To attract abundance, this 11 of July, I recommend you get a red ribbon tied to the waist and to burn it the next day. You get a new love Gemini or Aquarius, just be careful not to idealize both that relationship and keep your feet on the ground. Someone from abroad invites you to a new business project, so dealing with your permit of migration or residence. Come very positive changes in your life, but you have to be careful with envy of people from your old job. You buy a watch. Your lucky numbers are 03, 24, and 71. You draw a big prize in the lottery on the 14th of July. Be careful with problems of infection of your skin.


Week to analyze if you stay or you leave your job, but do not take hasty decisions. On the 13th day of July, put seven leaves of lemon in your wallet and leave them there until they dry, this away the bad vibes. Be careful with problem legal or transit. You get a new love in the sign of Scorpio or Capricorn that will be very compatible with you. A lot of stability to the Taurus who are married. Be careful with bumps in the legs or foot. You are the best to give encouragement or out of the depression, but try not to stay with these energies. You make payments of your credit card. You are invited to go on a trip in the month of August. Try to be more careful with your friends, remember that not everyone has good intentions. Keep taking your vitamins so you don’t feel so tired.


A week of good news on labor issues, just try not to talk to both your personal affairs. You have to resolve issues of tax. Tidying your room or change the bathroom of your house. Be careful with skin problems or infection. You are very changeable in your way of love and this sometimes causes couples to drift away from you, so that is mature. Your daddy is going to ask that you help with some late payments. You have a fight with your boss at work, just tries to apply more. If your partner is Aries or Scorpio you’re thinking of leaving to live together. You buy a car or you change yours to a more recent one. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 13th day of July, with the numbers 21, 07 and 33. You are invited to go on a trip these days, or purchases a plane ticket for the month of September.


Starts the best time of your year, so take the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Try to leave the alcohol, or diet pills. Your best day will be the day 13 of July, is lighting a candle a yellow for that luck to stay with you more time. No longer fight with your partner. Days to invest in your car and grow your equity. I recommend you study communication or international trade. It will be a week of many loves new. Be careful with kidney problems or infections, go to your doctor and take more water. You’ll have a stroke of luck in the lottery with the numbers 21, 10, and 9. You begin to organize your celebration of birthday with your family and closest friends. Your lawyer will contact you to let you know that your legal issues are resolved positively.


This week you are presented with the opportunity to get a job by which you could change of place of residence. You will need to close circles with the love that does not love you; if you are single you will be someone Libra or Sagittarius on the 12th of July. You are planning a trip with your family and friends. Watch out for the headaches, try not to stress so much and get holy water to pass that stagnant energy. You get money that you did not expect by the payment of a debt or holiday bonus. Follow with your studies and you will see that you will soon feel more happy for getting to your personal goals. Manage roles of the Treasury and put to the current with tax payments. Know of a pregnancy family. Your lucky numbers are 31, 22 and 70; dress of strong color, in order to grow your luck.


Week to finish work problems, or economic, try not to talk about both your plans or accomplishments. Is no longer tell lies to your partner, if you no longer want it is best to take a time. You think back to school or change careers. Do you get your residence visa or to start to travel abroad. Try to understand your family and not fight so much, remember that everything you say is for your own good, especially listen to what your mom tells you. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 11th of July, that day the stars are going to gather to help you in matters of changes of home or pull out your personal credit. In these days, take care of yourself from losses or problems of robberies, so get very cautious. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 00 and 23. You receive a gift you weren’t expecting.


Week of many pressures in your work and personal life. You have to be careful with gossip and envy of companions, are they going to invent that you are dating someone from the office, do not fall into provocations. Send it to fix your car or do a review. You get money by the sale of a property or for the payment of some commissions. Sales of travel on this week by the issues of a new project of work. Take care of bowel problems or stomach. Your best day will be the July 12, especially in your relationship. Be careful with your hormonal problems, go to your doctor. Manage legal affairs on a demand from the past and come out victorious. Aid a friend to reveal his homosexuality. Your lucky numbers are 15, 27, and 00. You give away a pet.


Week to analyze a job change, but before you try to talk with your boss. The best companies for you are of the textile industry and of food. You go on a trip for family matters, or you decide to give a few days rest. Manage debts of your car. Be careful with the knee, or bone problems. You are invited to many social events. You’ll have a stroke of luck the 11th day of July and on that day you will have very good news in all senses. You diet and you decide to enter the gym. Remember that your sign is a natural athlete, which helps you to always be in shape and look good. Beware of the loss or theft, be more cautious. Your lucky numbers 04, 33 and 21. Try to put a business or having two jobs to prevent what could happen in a matter of money.


Week of personal pressures, you feel that your partner doesn’t want to or are moving away, try to speak clear. Days of hard work or meetings with managers, you’ll be called or meetings with managers to give you a better job. I recommend you to study law or engineering. Try to leave the anger and grudges to one side. You’ll have a stroke of luck for the day 11 of July, especially in games of chance. Be careful with gossip or intrigues you in your work, say that you hang out with someone married, I know more discreet with your personal life. Take care of problems of the kidneys, and go with your doctor. You are looking for a new love Aries or Libra, who can talk of a serious relationship. You change the look, and you decide to renew your wardrobe. Your lucky numbers are 01, 09, and 23. You buy a bike.


Week of to be with a lot of encouragement to move forward in all senses, and your best day will be 11 and 13 July. Care with loves of the past will seek you out just to annoy them or want to go back; to the unmarried a person special of the sign Aries. Be careful with hormone problems. Don’t to diet pills and better exercise. Beware of headaches, is give you a bath of holy water to attract into your life all the energy possible in and out of the envy. You end up making your payments and you get the current. In your home and with your family you know of an illness of an aunt or uncle. Your lucky numbers are 31, 29, and 08. Be careful on the streets, try not to listen to unknown people and to take good care of your belongings. You decide to make some changes in your home or remodelas.


Week of many problems in your work, but these days 10 and 13 of July will be perfect to search for new projects that are better paid. Purchase furniture or make renovations in your house. Proceedings of a summer course to continue with your school. Try to go with a health care provider to change your diet and seeks to continue with the exercise. Start saving for a trip or go on vacation in the month of August. You are invited to a birthday this week and luck will be on your side for you to meet new people that will be important in your life. You’ll have extra money for a debt of the past. You are invited to a business of advertising or selling cell phones. In love you will be very compatible with the signs of Aries and Virgo. You’ll have a stroke of luck in games of chance with the numbers 31, 22, and 05.


A week of very good energy around you, take the opportunity to start your own business. Do not try to force any loving relationship. You’ll have too much work or review with your boss. You save for a trip in August. A sister house or going to live far away. Take care of your health and your overweight problems, I recommend you continue with the exercise. Formalities of a credit or bank card. Is taking courses to improve yourself economically and stand out in the office. You speak with an attorney to settle a claim in the past. You shopping clothes for a very important event work. Try to sleep more and stop thinking about what was not. Your lucky numbers are 12, 08 and 29. Your best day will be the 12 of July, so try to dress in reds or oranges to multiply your energy.


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