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Friday go out with friends and family to dinner, to celebrate an event. Remember that your sign is always the organizer of all social events, so try to take a course in public relations or administration. Take care of yourself from the pains of bones and try not to fall. It will be a weekend of being very much in love and close to your partner, for those who are single the energies of the passion will be very strong around you. You buy sports clothing to begin a exercise routine and you’ll have a stroke of luck the 15th day of July, in matters of games of chance and with the numbers 02,14 and 55. It will also aid a family member with a loan so you can buy a car , try to take care of skin problems or headaches go to your doctor , you decide last minute trip or visiting your family


Friday feeling very renewed and with all the good attitude to be someone in life, remember that you’re in that time of growing economically, but no longer talk so much and do it. You buy clothes or you decide to change your look. Will aid to a family with a commitment of payment, and you are invited to a wedding outside of your city. Try to modulate your character and not be angry in situations so simple, especially with your partner, remember that your sign will always want to dominate it all. You’ll have a gift that you were not expecting, remember that there is no special day for them to give you, so enjoy it. A love of the past you will be looking to return to care only with the pregnancy surprise. On the 16th of July will be a day with a lot of luck in matters of the lottery or to solve money issues. Try to fix your car brakes or tires. Your lucky numbers are 06,55 and 31. Remember that your weak point is the eye and the ear, so I always try to take care of them.


Finally I reach the end of the week that both you were expecting, remember that these three days will be out of luck in every way and more loving. Be careful with bumps in the arms or fingers, try to be more cautious if you load heavy objects. You get the invitation to travel the month of September. Friday go out with friends to go for a walk or to celebrate a birthday. The end of the week-take a course of swimming, manage paperwork for a loan to buy a car or you’ll discover that a sister is home and is going to be a mother. Be careful with the gut issues and tries not to eat much on the street, in addition to visit to the doctor. Remember that your sign is the most mystical of the zodiac and that means that it will always have divine assistance. On the 15th of July will arrive to you a love that will make you very happy. Your lucky numbers are 02,14 and 21. Try not to give so many explanations of your life, you know how you are, remember that you’ll never have everyone happy.

Weekend of many joys and good news, remember that you are at your best stage, you feel in love, and it’s your birthday, you have to understand that love is given in its right time, and you came. Friday go for a walk and be with friends at a dinner party, for festejarte along with another classmate who also has a birthday; you the you will spend of the best. You get an extra money by means of commission payment or payment of a debt in arrears. Remember to leave aside the jealousy and anger for no reason with your partner, I understand that your sign is dominated by a lot of insecurity, but try to calm down. You will have some problems in matters of work, do not give importance to situations that do not have it, especially in gossip. The end of the week you will have the luck on your side and more to do with the numbers 09 and 21. Still with the diet but forget the pills, what is better is what natural, remember that your nerves are disturbed a lot with that type of medication. On the 15th of July will come to you a surprise very important that will make you very happy. You are looking to buy a home or move closer to your job, do it, that will help you to have more time for you. Purchases a plane ticket for a family member. The cancers that are married, pregnancy in door, congratulations.


Friday be analyzing a change of attitude with yourself a friend of Leo, remember that you can’t spend your whole life thinking what you could have done and it is time to put more strength to your work projects. You will have some discussions with your partner and it will be on economic issues, is that your love life does not focus on that. Leave the grudges at the end of this week and clean your soul, I recommend you to do yoga or go walking and meditate, so you will recover your peace of mind, emotional. Take care of yourself from the pains of bones. Careful with gossip among friends, remember not to talk about everything and be more discreet. On the 16th of July, you’ll have a renewal of energy, that’s why is take a little bit of sun and get out to walk for that positive energy to get stronger. Your lucky numbers are 05,66 and 81. Careful with the alcohol, or vices, and don’t be misled by that.


This Friday you will have several meetings about changes of position or alteration of the salary, so try to talk with your superiors to give you a job better and with more authority. Remember to have a little bit of time for yourself and go out with your partner, for this love not to cool down; sometimes your partner is encela that you spend a lot of time with your mom, try to resolve that situation. You get an extra money for a debt of the past. On the 14th of July, you’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 09,22 and 71, will come to you a big prize. Take care of yourself from pains of the stomach or intestines, remember to follow with the diet. Follow with your studies on the weekends that English already what these dominate. You know a divorce family that will hurt a lot emotionally. Manage papers, passport or residence. This weekend you’ll have a lot of help from your guardian Angel, you can ask him what you need and you shall receive.


Friday training or have an important exam to your job performance, recalls siemprcolae be updated in everything that you do. You are looking for a love from the outside to be seen or to be again as a couple. I know that sometimes you are desperate because you can’t find the interest of your life, but that is normal in your sign; because it is always question the why of it all, relax and try to be happy. You get an invitation to a party this Saturday. Purchasing a computer or you change your phone. Looking for a friend to provide you with an advertising business or design. You are very good to help others and that helps you grow spiritually. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 16th of July with the numbers 99,79 and 23. Is dress of light colors for your harmony of life is the best. Celebrate the birthday of a family member and you go on a trip to visit him. Comes the proposal to make a change of house or buy an apartment. Take care of low back pains or kidney, is to take natural water.


Friday is getting a little tired or you feel that the energy of your work is very heavy, therefore you need to decide on a change of company or project with the best vibes around you. Take a course in photography or drawing on the weekends. You know of a family problem, you’ll give a lot of emotional and financial support. Taking your residence or file it your passport. A love of the past you again to look but just to have sex, remember that your sexual energy is very strong and that makes you always seek. Don’t be afraid of what they say of you, you are strong and keep with your condition of life. On the 15th of July you will get a proposal to start a business with some friends, do it is time to grow more economically. These three days, you’re going to have much luck in matters of games of chance, comes to playing the number 21 and 70, you will see that you can get extra money. You can just send it to fix your car. Be careful with lending money, remember that your sign will always have problems to return.


Weekend going out for a walk and be with the family, try not to neglect both the people who love you and frecuentarlos, remember that u sign always likes to be surrounded by many people, does not like loneliness. Care with the loss or theft in the street, if you’re going to a party is more cautious. You think you are a business, remember that your sign is always looking for economic stability and this is the time to do it, but give continuity to everything that you make. A new love you will be looking for, is the sign of Aries or Virgo, it will be very compatible with you. You change the cart to a more recent one. The July 15, comes to live with nature, that will help you that your positive energy is stronger every day. Your lucky numbers are 04, 33, and 28 .


Friday of be with a lot of pressures in your work or school, recalls a friend of Capricorn on this day, the energies of your sign will be very scrambled, try not to get in trouble. You remember a lot to a love of the past and that makes you rather melancholic, by the way it ended it is better to look for it and say what you think. Be careful with high blood pressure problems or trying to quit smoking and start an exercise routine. You will have a very special day on the 16th of July as they will come to you with the opportunity to grow more spiritually and be happy. Take care of your daddy, because he will walk a little sick of the sugar or the liver, take it to the doctor. You decide to paint and fix your house for this summer. The Capricorn who are looking for a couple, this weekend you will have the opportunity to get to know people very compatible. Send it to fix your car tire. Your lucky numbers are 07,44 and 21.


On the 14th of July, will be the day of luck in economic and comes the proposal of an ascent or go to work for a company more international, do not think; always looking for your well-being in all the senses, remember that because you were searching for, embrace it. You’re not trying to change your partner, remember that you have to accept it as it is. Your sign is very fast, everything you want in a hurry and that makes you to commit a lot of mistakes in all senses, is already thinking before they act. Take care of hormonal problems or thyroid, go to your doctor. Remember a lot of a family that is already in the sky, spend a prayer. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 00,14 and 19, is add your day of birth. You buy a cell phone or change the payment plan. You change to your child’s school or you decide to go to swimming. And do not be be undecided and go to travel these days, it will help you to be more relaxed.


Friday going on a trip or to be checking paperwork of job changes, remember that this month of July is very good for you, especially in the climbing position. You seek a love of the sign of Aries or Leo will be talking about having a formal relationship; remember that your sign dominates a lot of sex and passion, that’s why is find fire signs to be more compatible. Take care of yourself from pains of the intestine or ulcers, remember to eat more healthy. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 19 and 04. On the 15th of July, you’ll have the opportunity to renew your energy, that’s why I recommend going for a walk or be in contact with the sun and open air. You shopping clothes for a wedding. If you’re married, friend Pisces, try not to have so many lawsuits over minor things, remember that love never ends, just moves from place to place.


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