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Do not listen to gossip or try not to be so sensitive to situations that you can not control. Remember that your sign is always going to be prey of bad energy, so you will always be strong, and disguises that don’t do damage and you will see that you will come out victorious in any situation uncomfortable. Friday magic for your sign by be October 13. This day comes the opportunity to meet more people related to your love life and also you will get a business proposal. Manage your home, remember that it is important to be always changing the furniture around so that the energy does not stagnate. To the Aries who have a partner try not to fight because of jealousy unfounded, remember that the best thing in a relationship is trust. You shopping clothes for a party on Saturday. Your lucky numbers are 31 and 20.


Weekend of a lot of fun, hanging out with friends or go for a walk with the family. Remember a friend of Taurus that it is not all work and it is important to keep family ties solid and strong. You get money that you did not expect. Be careful with your partner, try to talk clear and define your loving relationship so that you no longer feel so many doubts. Purchasing a computer and arranged papers for your visa or passport. To the Taurus who are single will come a new love that is going to be in the sign of Scorpio or Capricorn. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 00, 32, or 18. Be careful with your work, there will be adjustment or changes of position. Seeks to speak with your superiors to give you a chance in another department of the company, or begins to look for work in other companies.


This October 13 is a day of many energies cross in your life, try not to take any credit and do not do any processing important that you do not have problems. Today please much perfume so that you can cut out all the negative energies, remember that your sign is sensitive to the environment, and on this day the sun is going to cause a lot of movements in your personal life. You get an invitation to go on a trip in December. Talk with your partner to give you a time. You go with the doctor to checarte problems of throat or lungs. I know that you like a lot to spend and buy, but try to give to future times. Purchasing a gift for a family member. Your lucky numbers are 98 and 77. To the Gemini who are single looking for a love of the sign of Pisces or Capricorn.


Weekend of to be with very good luck around you. Remember that the 13th of October will come to your life the opportunity to grow more in economic and personal, so I recommend you to wear light-colored clothing and much perfume, so that the good energies are closer to you. You get the invitation to go on a trip with your partner or friends. You receive money that you should. You think a lot of making an investment, is it because you are in your time to grow. Manage your home or change your bedroom. A friend is going to ask for work or to what you refer. You are very good for communication and design, take courses to improve yourself more in your professional life. To Cancer who are unmarried will come to passionate love but without commitment. Your lucky numbers: 21, 09 or 77.


This October 13 is a day of radical changes in your working life. Take into account that your sign will affect a lot of sun and this day will be the energies very cross to your around. Try not to discuss with anyone and keep you away from problems, that’s why I recommend not to take any credit, not make any process important, and not to leave the trip a minimum this day. You think you get a cosmetic surgery, háztela but until November it’s going to be your best month. The Leo that have a couple will be very loving and thinking of going to live with it. You receive money that you should, fix your car brake or at least leave it for maintenance. File it your medical insurance. You can get family to your house to celebrate a birthday. Your lucky numbers are 08, 32, or 17.


Weekend of luck for your sign, you are going to come several pleasant surprises that will make you feel the best. You will receive an invitation to a wedding. File it your social security or driver’s license. Try not to buy anything that you are not going to use so that you can save for the month of December, and so do the expenses that you have referred to. With your partner you’re going to be discussing problems of a disease, so try to calm you down and support you morally. Looking for you to offer you a food business or the sale of sportswear. They will give you a perfume. You go with the doctor to rule out problems of the intestine or stomach. You will continue with that sort of get to know people very similar to you and already have a steady partner. For those Virgo’s who are single, your lucky numbers are 31, 28 or 07.


Weekend to be with some family problems or with your partner, remember that your sign is the very sense and in these days more because the energies of the sun are very revolts. A friend of Libra try not to take seriously what you say and let it flow everything in your life. You continue with the festivities, celebrate, this Saturday, and you receive many gifts that you were not expecting. File it your permit migration or american visa for a trip in November. It is a day you look for a love of the past to solve problems of gossip, try to talk and not be angry. Looking for you to invite you to a concert or to go see a football game. Remember that your sign is carcacteriza for being a very good person, but try to put more character in your working life. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 15th of October with the numbers 09, 77 or 15.


Weekend which will feature many doubts in your love life and you will think quite give you a time to not continue with that feeling of uncertainty. But remember friend of Scorpion that your thinking is very apprehensive and take hasty decisions, that’s why I’m going to recommend that on the 13 day of October to get the recipe to cut out the bad energies. You’re going to turn on three red candles and wear a lot of perfume so that the good energies are on your side. You get a new love in the sign of Cancer or Virgo will be very compatible with you. Be careful with the losses of money, go to the doctor and tell him that you check the discomfort of kidney or tries to drink fluids. Saturday leaving party or you are invited to a concert. You shopping for clothing. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 31, 29 or 08.


Weekend where the energies are going to be very cross, or with a lot of heaviness due to problems on the job. Remember, friend Sagittarius, which is your sign dominates the be very receptive of the energies of the others, and that’s why you load of bad vibes. I’m going to recommend that this day, October 13, light a white candle and you put too much perfume, you’ll see how they come to you the good vibes. You manage procedures of school. You shopping clothes for a party this Saturday. You are invited to a football match. Be careful with the problems of the stomach or bowel, is to eat more healthy. Know of a pregnancy family. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 21 or 77. You remember a lot to a love that is no longer with you, try to forget about that stage of your life and start to get to know people more compatible with you.


This 13 of October is the day to fix the legal problems or issues of the past. Take into account that on this day the energies are going to be very revolts, that’s why I recommend you to use holy water in the back of the neck and load a green lemon in the bag to cut out everything negative. Remember to always read what you sign. You are invited to go on a trip or you are going to visit some family. You’ll have sudden changes in these days in your job; you change set for this Monday or Tuesday. You’ll have a lot of compatibility in the love with the signs of Aries and Taurus that are going to be your ideal partner. Trying to go on with the exercise to keep you healthier and get more sleep, take into account that the life they live in day not night. Careful with the cell phone that you don’t lose or get it stolen. Your lucky numbers are 31, 28 or 77.


The 13 October is a day of a lot of work or revision on the part of your bosses, is to have everything in order. Remember that you are very responsible in your work life, and that’s going to do that give you a better post very soon. You get an extra money for a loan. Be careful with infection problems sex, or skin, is to go with your doctor. Remember that your sign dominates a lot of the desire rather than reason, and do not be so proud of, and comes to ask forgiveness to those who hurt her. Going to be a few days of a lot of fun. You buy a clock, you change your phone and celebrate the birthday of a family member. Arranging your stationery or school payment this Sunday and leave it all for the next week. You’ll have a stroke of luck the 15 of October and will be with the color red, and the numbers are 03, 22, and 81.


The 13 of October is the day to be analyzing what you should change in your life’s work to be better. Remember that your lucky day is going to be this Friday, so any thing that you propose you are going to get the best. You get an extra money, or you pay a debt of the past. You’re invited this Saturday to go out with your partner to a pub or to a party. Take care of back pains or tries to leave the stress aside. Do not listen to gossip or problems with your former partners or people that were only an adventure, remember to keep away from that situation. You give away a pet, and this Sunday, prepare paperwork for medical insurance or social. Asks you for money to a friend, or if you change the cell. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 06, 44, or 32. Your best compatibility will be with Pisces and Gemini.


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