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Weekend of a lot of work or prepare a project to have more income. Remember that your sign is dominated by the progress. Friday return to a loving relationship from the past or re-talk, trying to reach a good compromise and if not you can go back as a couple, continue as friends. Take into account that your sign surrounds the marriage in the remainder of 2017. Extra work and then you get money that you should. Be careful with a coworker, you are gossiping a lot. Saturday language course, or swimming. You are invited to a birthday, try to wear black or white so that your energy is stronger. Sunday go out with friends to the cinema or to go to field day. The Aries singles will go very well with loves new. Your lucky numbers: 03, 28 and 77.


Friday have too much of a hurry to be happy and to be with your partner. Remember that your sign is very strong sexually and always need to have a companion; so think no more and say yes to that person. Looking for you to invite you to work in a new place, accept it, you are going to get the best. Trying to save for school expenses or payments. You are very good in matters of engineering or medicine, taking a course to exploit your capabilities. Saturday go out with friends for a walk. You are invited to a party in a pool or farm. You buy clothes for the wedding of a family member. You are looking for a love to fight or argue a lot, remember that you need a partner that will calm down not that you alter. Find people of the signs Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. Your lucky numbers: 41, 33 and 09.


18 August, the day of a lot of work late; remember that your sign is always in a rush to finish on time their obligations. You looking for someone in the past to return, say yes to see what happens; your sign always leaves traces in the loves of the past. File it stationery of lawyers for a lawsuit. You get extra money from the sale of a car. Arranging well all of your stationery so you don’t have problems of school next week. Take care of throat problems. Celebrate the birthday of a family member, it’s going to be a weekend of lots of fun and meetings. Purchasing another cellular phone or change the plan. Don’t give up so easy so that you other people say, follow your concept of life and achieve the success. Your lucky numbers: 09, 33, and 28. Your best love partner is aries or capricorn.


Weekend of many family reunions or get a visit out to your house. Friday a lot of work or closure of projects; it seeks to manage your time and get all the pending. Take care of a friend, and you want to steal your partner, try to put limits on your loving relationship and with your friends, do not be so confident. You get extra money from the sale of a property or inheritance. You are very good to coordinate events, so try to put a business holiday or wedding planner, you are going to get the best. Saturday and Sunday of being with a lot of encouragement to fix your house and garden. You are invited to go on a trip next week. Your lucky numbers: 31, 29, and 66.


Weekend the best, get a lot of invitations to go out and party or be with friends. It’s your birthday, so try to have a great time. You seek a love of the past to return, say yes, remember that Leo is dominated by the passion, and the couple had a lot of sexual communication. You are very good for business and that makes you always have good suggestions to invest, but try not to be so confident and that everything is by legal means. Beware of stomach pains, try not to take too much alcohol. You will have a surprise gift you didn’t expect and make you feel very good. Take care of your mommy, he is going to walk something depressive or problems with your dad. Change the look and you buy a watch. No longer do you sabotees yourself if the happiness you get, take it. Your lucky numbers: 31, 90 and 77.


18 August, the day of a new start in every way. Prepare for changes in your person and at work you are going to work well. Looking for you the owner or director of the company to give you another job in your area. Purchases plane tickets for September, file it your visa or residence. In love you will continue to be very stable with your partner. Just try not to be so possessive so that each one has its space. Because make no mistake with your friends, try to differentiate really who is your friend and you start to debug. You prepare the school for the next week or make late payments of tuition. You are very good for the business of a restaurant or nightclub, looking to put one with your family. Your lucky numbers: 04, 33 and 71. The Virgo’s who are single looking for a love of Pisces or Sagittarius.


This Friday, August 18 is the day to re-excite the love, remember that your sign is very sentimental and you need to have that ideal partner in your life. Today you will return to feel the affection that both wanted. Today there will be a lot of work and several meetings with the chiefs for changes of positions. Please very attentive to everything you leave the best. Leaves food, try to follow the diet, because your weak point is the stomach, do not give up. On Sunday I will look for your family to invite you to a field day. Don’t let your language course, remember that what you’re going to need in the future. You decide to give more time for you and start a course in photography or communications. Your magic numbers: 37, 15 and 19. To these numbers is add your day of birth as you will have a stroke of luck on the 20th of August.


Weekend of many celebrations of friends; go toe to toe with the alcohol and the food then don’t feel bad. Friday from pressures of work or energy crusades, is not to say anything that after you go to harm and have a lot of tolerance. On the 19th of August you’ll have a stroke of luck with people very compatible with you, consider that your sign is the sexual of the zodiac and they always need to be a partner for your life more happy. Care with blows of internal or is not falling. You are invited to leave the trip for September. You require to make a new business on the weekends, is emplearte more personal and have more income. To the married: try not to fight, remember that in a relationship you can not be so possessive, and dramatic. Your lucky numbers: 31, 29 and 00.


Friday magic to your sign, keep in mind that your lucky number is 18 and on this day you will have the opportunity to grow more professionally. It comes as a surprise loving! A lot of care with the problems of the economy, not buy what you do not will need and enséñate to be more thrifty. Saturday and Sunday will be days of hanging out with your friends for a walk. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 06, 12, or 33. You will receive an invitation to go on a trip in the month of September. Don’t ignore those pains in your back or neck, try to leave a little of the nervous tension and tries to relax. Sunday think about a lot a love from the past, try to talk with him and be at peace, as it is necessary. Send it to fix your car or changing the tires. You are very good for the art or design, it follows that path.


Friday in the that are going to present some problems in your work, remember that you have to have more patience and not trying to upset so easy for that not to be the prey of those people who have envy. You do paperwork from home payments. You get the invitation to a party. This Friday you’re going to spend the best, don’t forget for anything in the world to dress of strong color, so you’ll have more luck in love. Continues with the exercise, don’t lose sight of your body and mind need to be healthy to move forward in your life. File it changes on a course for Saturday. Tidying your room or change the room. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 18 day of August, with the numbers 23,19 or 70. Considers that it is time to grow up and start already a relationship more formal. Take care of your mom, is going to be sick.


Friday of be in together in your work or have a lot of pressure, remember that your sign is of very little patience and is altered very quickly, so try not to give importance to people who are very jealous with you. Don’t lose sight of your sign dominates a lot of the trade and sales, so try to set up a business. You need to take more language courses, or to be more applied in your school so that you can move forward. Careful with the bites of insects. Loves new you will be around this weekend and are going to be very passionate. Remember that your partners ideals are the signs: Aries, Libra, and Scorpio. You’ll have a stroke of luck the day August 20, with the numbers 29, 77, and 21. Try looking to your family to feel your support, remember that you are his pillar. Shopping clothes or change your look.


Weekend be arranging family affairs, remember that your sign will always try to be at peace in your personal life and help his family in any problem. You get the invitation to the trip in October, embrace it you are going to get the best. You think a lot in formalizing a loving relationship, remember that it is the time to grow and your signs are compatible with: Pisces, Cancer, or Sagittarius. In love you will have a Saturday of a lot of fun or you go with your friends for a walk. Sunday, of course, or work late, try to arrange most of your time. Take care of problems of infection of throat or stomach. You are looking for a friend to platicarte that you are going to get a divorce, remember that your sign is the advisor to the zodiac. You’ll have a stroke of luck the day August 20, with the numbers 08, 21 or 77.


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