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September will be a month of radical changes to your sign, especially for the progress of labour with signatures of new contracts. Care with bad energies or gossip, this Friday I recommend you put a candle of red color and load a green lemon in your bag to protect yourself. You must control your impulses of jealousy and anger for no reason, especially with your partner. You are invited to go on a trip. Go be with your doctor to treat those problems with the nervous system. You get the opportunity to occupy a political post. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 33, 21, and 08. The single will come two loves almost at the same time of the signs Virgo and Libra. Don’t give up with the diet, you have to be consistent to achieve your goals. Your motto this month: don’t listen to the gossip.


This month will bring to your life a lot of abundance, especially for the closure of a contract, or an upgrade of job. In matters of health you’re going to be a little tired by exercise or stress. This Friday I recommend you put a candle yellow and load a silver coin to call the success throughout the month. You will be very confused about your loving relationship, try to go to a counselor or psychologist. You receive money that you did not expect commissions, or vacation pay. You finish school and you decide to take a language course. You ask to be the godfather of a wedding. The single comes a love of the air sign very passionate. Try not to make any surgery a medical this month. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03 ,21 and 87. Your motto this month is going to be: don’t say No to luck, take it.


September will be a month to heal your heart issues in a loving and close circles to be left in peace with people who were something special. You get the proposal of a change of job. Use to change the look. You receive a money by a stroke of luck with the numbers 02, 15, and 66. Try to be more constant in your college career. Don’t put so much attention to what they say about you, remember that when they speak it is because you do notice. Your sign makes you very moody about your emotions, I recommend you take therapy for anger management or anger. You’ll have a lot of parties, just be careful with the vices such as alcohol or drugs. This Friday I recommend you put a candle blue and wear a lot of perfume for that abundance arrives. Your motto of the month will be: it Is worth to forgive.


A month of important decisions in your life, because finally you decide to buy a house. This Friday I recommend you put a candle to red and you get a red ribbon tied with three knots in the right ankle as protection. You will have discussions with your partner and it’s going to be because you’re too possessive, try to relax and enjoy your love life. Your friends invite you to go on a trip. Try not to be such a gossip for that don’t get in problems that are not yours. There will be changes of managers in your work, but that doesn’t affect you. The married comes the surprise pregnancy; the single comes a love that is very intense in the sign Aquarius. Stop trying to solve the problems of others. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 22 and 71. Your motto this month is: Always be the best.


September will be a month of successes and personal achievements, especially with diet and exercise. Beware of gossip and witchcraft by putting a strip of yellow in the left ankle, tied with three knots and turn on a candle white. You get the invitation to go on a trip with your family. Those who have a partner will begin to analyze commit; the single will come two loves very intense of the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Throughout the month you’ll be on your side all the best energies, perfect for you to put a business or close major contracts. Take care a lot of skin infections or sexual. Your lucky numbers are going to be the 03, 44 and 71. Try not to get anything on credit, and control you better with your purchases. Your motto this month is going to be: Always winning in life.


September will be a month to pamper yourself, to grow economically and to make any aesthetic change, in addition to formalizing the relationship with your partner and decide to move in together. You receive money that you did not expect in the lottery with the numbers 02, 11, and 76. Try not to fight in your work, or discuss situations without importance. This Friday I recommend you put a candle red and load some gold or silver for protection. You seek a love of the past of the sign Aries, or Taurus. You will have perfect days if you are thinking of changing jobs. Be careful with a friend at work who is falling in love with you. In these days you’re going to have the opportunity to interact with very important people that you will grow in your professional life. Your motto this month will be: it Is time to move forward.


September will be a month of many emotional ups and downs and you are very sensitive, that’s why I recommend you turn on this Friday, a candle white and wearing new clothes with a lot of perfume to all the good energies come to your life. You receive the proposal of a new position and with more hierarchy. You start to plan a trip for your birthday. There will be several meetings with your boss to organize adjustments in the company. The Pound singles will meet someone very compatible signs Aries, Gemini or Capricorn. Try not to lend money to you not to steal your luck. You change your car for a more recent one, I am more cautious on the streets, especially with the thefts. Move closer to your mom, that will fill you with good energy. Your motto this month is: do Not be afraid to what people say, always be yourself.


September will be a month of many pressures at work and you think to change your project to feel more calm. This Friday I recommend lighting a candle of blue, and put holy water in the entire body to reign abundance. Shopping home or you decide to buy furniture. There will be lots of parties this month, you try to control your drinking. This month you will meet many people that will have an impact on your professional life. You feel your partner is pulling away, you just have to rekindle the flame. Listen to your instinct at all times, remember that you have always been very successful in your foresight. You think about change your house or return to live with your parents. Comes a stroke of luck this month with the numbers 00, 23 and 19. Your motto these days is going to be: Never surrender.


This month comes the proposal of work that both were waiting, just try not to discuss it for you to comply with. This Friday I recommend lighting a candle red and give you baths of flowers to the good energies to reign in your days. Will be days super to start new businesses. It comes to a separation or divorce to the married. The single will be involved in several love affairs at the same time, try to relax so that it is not out of control. You go back to study and you are invited to take a diploma in overseas. Be careful with bone problems or hip in this month and try to go with your doctor. You get money that you did not expect by the payment of commissions or will you get a prize in the lottery with the numbers 03, 28 and 76. Your motto this month is going to be: do Not be confined into the projects of life.


It will be a month of self-analysis deep on your work and personal life. I recommend that you put a candle white and that carry a ring of silver, that there may be abundance in your life. You are invited to make a new project, or to start a business of clothing. Try not to fall into any blackmail from your ex-partner, remember that people rarely change. Be careful of your character, sometimes you try very poorly to the people who want you. Have a doctor check your problems of an infection of the throat or the digestive system. You decide to fix your home or move closer to your family. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 15, and 27. Beware of envy. Try not to eat anything that comes from someone’s work. Stop fighting with your family. Your motto: the pursuit of happiness.


September is a perfect month to take time out to pamper yourself. I recommend that garments a candle yellow, and you buy new clothes to have this Friday for the energies are stronger than ever. Already do not be so unfaithful in love or try not to promise what you’re not going to comply. Is taking a master’s degree in administration or studying languages. Don’t let the exercise, already are beginning to see the results. This month you start the best stage with your partner. In the job you offered a new position, but be careful with envy of people in the office. Do you get the visa or manage roles of migration. At the Aquarium who are single, there will come a love of the sign Aries, Libra or Sagittarius. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 15, and 66. Your motto: time to grow.


Month total transformation in your life and leave behind those people who only bring you negative energies. This Friday I recommend lighting a candle white and wear a lot of perfume for that abundance would reign around the time. You are going to get proposals that work that you didn’t expect, but that you will move a lot. You continue with the diet and exercise, the results are already noticeable, both physically and emotionally. You will have several appointments, the signs most compatible with yours, are Gemini, Pisces and Aries. Take care of problems of infection of the skin or hair, go with a dermatologist. Try to visit more grandparents. You will meet people that will help you grow professionally. You’ll have a lot of luck, plays the lottery with the numbers 00, 21, and 08. Your motto will be: Always determined to be happy.


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