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Week of many pending tasks of work or school. Remember that you are in a cycle of many activities and you need to organize your time better and not to see you depressed. Take into account that the love is not complicated, the complicated one is and more is your sign that always wants to control everything that is couple. You must learn to give space and also do more activities, not only to live for that person. Let the jealousy unfounded and don’t fly your imagination. File it your visa or migration visa. You are the best issues to undertake or lead a business, so try to get together with important people that make you grow professionally. Comes a problem of a gossip at work, is to face it and solve it the best way. Your lucky numbers are going to be: 01, 23 and 44.


Week to process a loan or settling a debt. Remember to give you more in your expenses or avoid unnecessary purchases. Friend Taurus, if you’re studying, is to concentrate more on school and don’t leave tasks to the last. These days you’ll be more stable in love, don’t lose sight of your sign is very loving and always seeks to be in a couple. You get a requirement of Finance or you get current with your payments. In the work are going to be several ups and downs, remember not to talk that you have plans to go for the company not to take represalías against you and so be able to make that change work you both need. To the Taurus who are single, are going to be days of many encounters with loves fleeting and passionate; nothing formal. Your lucky numbers are: 03, 28 and 71.


A week of preparing a project work very important that will help your superiors to give you better job opportunities or promotion. Try to concentrate on your work and always give the best of you. In love do you remember much someone in the sign Aries or Pisces you can’t take away from the mind. Remember that your sign is very dramatic or decisive with his life, is trying to mediate that situation loving. Sales travel for work or you decide to go visit a family member. Beware of the vices, take into account that your sign is always a prey to bad company. Pay a debt of your card. The Gemini like a lot of the loneliness, or be a bit further away from the other in various moments of your life in order to sort their ideas. Your lucky numbers for the week are: 01, 33 and 76.


Period to be with a clear idea of what you’re going to do with your life and start working to give you what you want. In matters of work the energy will be crossed, with problems or with several projects; try not to get distracted and be in the best position to help others. Remember that the egos in this moment you are going to help. You have unexpected visitors: a love or friendship that you would be pleased to see. Take care of problems of the liver or kidney. Choose well your friends because your sign is very sensitive, or always sticking to you energies that are not yours. Do not forget that your sign is motherhood. You’re going to look to establish a home and this month is going to give you with your partner. Remember not to talk about what others say or you will have problems with friends. Your lucky numbers: 31, 28 and 77.


Week of a new start in everything related to the personal life. Remember that your sign each time it is renewed and leave behind everything that hurts you. Be careful with the enemies hidden, try not to place too much trust your stuff and be more discreet. You will have several invitations to go out or meet new people very like minded, but tries not to commit so fast and enjoy your singleness a time. For the Leo with a partner, walk of the best and you will see that you made several plans that they had in their life. You go to school and prepare new materials. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 7th of September and will be on issues of new jobs, projects or business, but try to assess you with professional people. Be careful with health problems or nerves. Your lucky numbers: 21, 09 and 88.


A week of many celebrations, remember that you’re in your time of birthday, and that makes all the good energies on your side. You receive gifts that you did not expect and you get an invitation to a surprise. Week to be analyzing the changes that you need to grow more economically. In this week you will be given many opportunities to be better at work. You get a salary increase or bonus compensation. Try to talk more with your family, remember that you will always be there to help you. Loves of the past are going to be talking about you. You do a dental surgery. Be careful with people from your work, you want to betray; remember that they want your job so always be aware. You borrow money and it’s going to be a family. Your lucky numbers: 00, 17 and 66.


Week of arranging papers of audit or close of the month. There will be a meeting with the owners or managers of the company for changes of positions. You will receive an invitation to go on vacation in November, not reject it. Comes to fall in love again your partner. Speak with a lawyer to get residency or a visa. You will know of the pregnancy of a former partner. You’ll have a stroke of luck in games of chance on the 5th of September; remember, for you that number means renewal and complete change to your life. Be careful with people from the sign of Scorpio or Capricorn, you want to steal, or to betray, be more cautious. For the Libra who are single, many loves new and fleeting. Remember that your best support is with Aries, Cancer and Aquarius. Your lucky numbers: 33, 05 and 71.


Week of being very excited with a new work or project of life. This month is very important for you professionally and will give you what you both want. You get extra money from a debt or the sale of a property. Always remember to take care of the money and try to invest it in the best way. You are invited to go on a trip on the 15th of September, you’re going to have fun with friends. Manage a law suit that will come out in your favor. File it your school papers or give you the title. Take care of hormonal problems or bowel. You will have a surprise by a love of the past that will be talking back to commit. Remember that the better your life will be when living in a couple, so take the opportunity to build a home. Your lucky numbers: 31, 28 and 77.


Week of learn to succeed and let of sabotearte. Remember that your sign dominates a lot of the indecision, that’s why try to change that. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 6th of September; on that day there will be various job opportunities or projects of advertising or management. You’ll have much luck with love prohibited, or is, married. Try not to get in problems and get on with single people, and of the sign Libra or Aries. Continues to study art or something related to sales that is yours, and that will help you to have a business of their own. You become a operating medical and it all comes out of the best. Manage roles of migration or residence. You continue with the exercise and end as you leave sweets or chocolates which are your weak point. You’ll be lucky in games of chance with the numbers 06, 55, and 31.


Week of to know what you’re done, especially on a matter of character and face the difficulties of life. Are going to be days of renewal and return to start. Remember that this is your time to start a business or look for another job where you make more income. What are your public relations or systems. Pay debts of the past or you current on all of your bank accounts. Try to sleep more and let the cell phone to a side. You do plastic surgery. Send it to fix your car or you decide to change it. You’ll have a stroke of luck the 5 of September in the games of chance with the numbers 03, 22, or 71. Also on that day the stars will be joining that already find the love of your life; it seeks to give you a bath with red petals in three liters of water to open the ways of love.


Week of a lot of personal renewal, they will be a few days of many tests of life to see if you are prepared to grow more professionally. Try to concentrate and to accomplish that ascent. Friend of the Aquarium, remember that your sign is very impulsive and a small problem do it big, because you must learn to be more quiet or take a course in meditation; that will help you to heal your mind. You continue with the exercise. Someone’s job is falling in love with you, so put in clear all the uncomfortable situations. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 7th of September; you’ll have a extra money by lottery with the numbers 12, 31, or 2. You seek a love of the sign Aries, or Cancer you speak of being in a relationship with you. Know of a pregnancy family. Do not be afraid to what people say, is still as original.


Long work week and meetings with your superiors to start a new project. Remember that your sign is the most creative of the zodiac and that is why you will always be in matters of new projects or renewal. You will find a love of the past of the sign Gemini or Libra that is going to want to get back to you, but try to close that circle and meet new people. You prepare a trip with your partner. You are looking for a family to ask to borrow. You will have a proposal for a change of position or you up the salary. You will have two strokes of luck; one of the 4, and will be in matters of games of chance with the numbers 03, 22 or 81, and the other on the 7th of September, will be linked with offers of business or new jobs. Do not argue over minor things, remember to stimulate more patience in your life.


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