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Week to draw strength and come out ahead thanks to a good family news that is coming. I recommend you take therapy to overcome the fears that resurfaced last week. Be careful with stomach problems or ulcers, try to go to the doctor. Is about to your life a love sign Pisces, Aries or Libra. On the 29th of September you will have many luck in business matters. You diet or you perform an operation aesthetics. It’s going to be a week of many changes of energies, so that you is to always be protected with a red ribbon tied with three knots on the right ankle. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 08, 99, and 71. Is to combine it with your day of birth, to personalise them. The Aries who are married begin to organize their vacation for the month of November.


Take advantage of this week to forget about the negative thoughts and better focus on making new plans for you and your loved ones. You get the proposal of a business with which you are going to grow a lot economically. Looming a betrayal by a friend, it is time to select better your friends. In love, you will continue to know people of the signs Libra and Capricorn. You start to pay debts. Beware of the gossip at work, are saying that you go out with your boss or someone married. Your best day will be the 28th of September, with a lot of luck in business matters, and games of chance, played with the numbers 31, 22 and 76. You reunited with your family after a long time, try not to stay away from both of them, remember that in difficult times will be your pillar and strength.


These will be days of a lot of nostalgia in those who remember much of someone very dear that it is not or to a love too passionate of the past. You’ll analyze a lot of a work proposal, or to start a new business related to food or medicine. Be careful with knee problems or bones, try not to do extreme sports and go to the doctor. Do not fall for provocations within your family, remember that in these moments you have to be very united and support between all. You’ll have a stroke of luck on 28 September, with the numbers 08, 02, and 33. Sales of travel for work. You will have exams very important in the school. In addition I recommend you start taking courses for one that suits you best when you graduate, especially that have to do with law or business administration.


Week to get out of your problems, but also to help others with your tips. Do not be hasty and do not you change your home yet, let all the energy settle in. Tries to control what you say to not get yourself in trouble gossip with anyone. Salts travel with your partner, or visits to relatives. Be careful with kidney or liver problems, in addition to try to eat less red meat and not drinking a lot of alcohol. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 27th of September and your magic numbers will be 04, 33 and 21. You are aware of a pregnancy in your family. Turn on a candle white day Tuesday to your requests, you will meet more soon. You buy a computer or a tablet to improve your performance on the job. Be careful with your money, don’t loan out because I want to steal your luck.


Week of job growth and economic, so you have to be aware of all the business proposals that come to you. Don’t confuse this friendship intense that you have with love, is to put your feelings clear. A friend asks you for advice or moral support about a divorce. Take care of yourself from problems in the ankle or knee, try not to do exercises that are extreme. You are looking for friends from another country to invite you to go on a trip in the month of December. The Leo single comes a love of the signs of Aries, Leo or Capricorn. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 26th of September, so take advantage of that spill of opportunities to progress. Your magic numbers will be the 09, 13, and 41. Take care of your mom, that will have sugar problems or high blood pressure. Don’t lose sight of your pets so they are not lost.


Week of a lot of luck in economic issues, especially the 25th of September, the day on which you will come proposals for new business. You should be more aware of the health of your parents, that will be something delicate. On the 29th of September you’ll have a stroke of luck in games of chance with the numbers 18, 23 and 00. You continue with the exercise and good diet. Take care of back pains or waist, try not to load heavy things. They will give you a perfume or a watch, is not mistrust in the gifts that you arrive although it is not day of your birthday. Already do not be so spiteful, and learn to let go, remember that those negative feelings will only affect you. You look for someone of the sign of Pisces or Libra for reclamarte a situation loving. You buy clothes or shoes for a family event.


Week to put all your energy in starting that new business that you have in mind and that you will bring much abundance. Your best day will be September 26 with the that you will have much luck in matters of money and the chance with the numbers 02, 99, and 21. In a matter loving, you decide to be happy and clean up your soul of bitterness to leave the past behind. You end up making a few payments and you get current with your expenses. You decide to change your house or you go to live near your family. You will have many holidays in the next few days, take the opportunity to celebrate your birthday. You start to take language classes. Manage papers of your car, or pay fines owed. Take care of aches and pains in your intestine or stomach, remember to bring a healthier life. Aries, Gemini and Cancer, your signs more compatible.


Week to analyze your situation and sentimental thinking about being alone for a while. Will also be days of many family problems, just try not to get involved so that you do not affect. You get money by issues of commissions or the sale of the property. There will be many energies revolts in the work, so put holy water in the back of the neck and a red ribbon on the right wrist with three knots until it falls only, to protect yourself. You roll forward with your thesis or school projects. Give you vacation or for order, you can leave a few days in the month of October. Manage several things in your home. You go to your doctor for a check-up. You seek family to ask to borrow money. You think to start a business of food or beauty. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 29th, with the numbers 03, 22 and 81.


This week you will come proposals for new work in better jobs and are better paid. Will also be days of much growth with your partner, while singles will have a lot of compatibility with the signs Pisces, Leo and Aquarius. Stop worrying so much by what they say or others think of you, your sign generates a lot of envy, so try not to give them importance so that you do not affect. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 22 and 81. Be careful of your high blood pressure and tries to go to your doctor to check your heart problems. Do a examination professional or prepare your thesis. You buy clothes and shoes for an important event these days. Know of a pregnancy in the family. Try not to fight with your mom, you must understand that everything you say is because you want to.


Week to remove grudges from the past, I recommend you take therapy to overcome those situations loving that you have done damage. You offer to work as a teacher or in human resources, if you accept it you are going to get the best. You must also take language courses. Do paperwork to get a credit or buy a house, just remember to read very well what the firms and seek advice with an attorney. You’ll have a stroke of luck in games of chance with the numbers 00, 23 and 17 is to combine it with your day of birth, to personalise them. Take care of the stomach and tries not to eat much spicy or drink alcohol. These will be days of many meetings at work or meetings that last minute project changes. I recommend to take everything that you no longer use out of your closet to renew the heavier energies in your home.


You should take this week to overcome any problem loving from the past that will not let you move forward. Week of many movements in the work and meetings for changes of position, so try to keep your thoughts positive and do not get carried away by the envy that surround you. You get an economic recognition or give you a bonus. It’s time to change eating habits in order to not suffer from so many problems of reflux, stomach or intestinal. You are invited to be godfather at a wedding. Pay your credit cards and you get current with your debts. Care with accidents or bumps in the street. You perform dental surgery. Your best day will be the 26th of September and you’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 14, 31, and 88. Try to check your car brakes or tires.


Week very important for advancing in the business project that you have in mind. No longer worry about the gossip, or gossip in your daily life, remember that you are always the prey of bad comments, so I don’t want to get hooked, is to ignore them and move on. You are looking for a financial advisor to arrange papers from a credit. Planning a holiday for November with your partner. Your best day will be the 29th of September and the good energies will join to help you out of your troubles. I recommend lighting a candle and red pray to your guardian angel. The Pisces who are already in couple will remain very stable and the singles will come a new love of the signs Cancer, Leo or Libra will be very compatible. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 40, 84 and 21.


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