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Week to completely revamp your life and start an exercise routine. You should drink more water. Try to take those rancors of loves past to move forward and be happy. You will have lots of meetings work and you will get a new contract well paid. I know more discreet with your business plans so they don’t come out. You will begin a relationship with someone who will give you stability, just remember not to try to buy their affection. This August 17, I recommend to cut your hair and load it with some money to renew energies. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 08 and 21. Your color will be yellow and your motto this week is: always be the best. Your angel recommends that you be true to yourself always, follow your hunches and trust your inner strength to achieve the success you deserve.


Week of many pending work or school, try to manage well your time in order not to be pressed. File it your visa and passport for a trip in September. No longer be so intense in your romantic relationship, do not try to force things. If you are single, you will be very compatible with the signs of Pisces and Scorpio for a dating. You get money that you did not expect. Will you help your mommy for a formality of deeds or papers of a notary. You go to the gym or you decide to start an exercise routine. Try to get more sleep to not be exhausted during the day. You’re going to have a stroke of luck with the numbers 00, 33 and 21. Your color this week is golden. Your guardian angel recommends you to give it your best and always act without fear of failing, only in this way will get success.


Week to analyze a job change because you begin to feel stagnant. Closed circles with this ex-partner that won’t come out of your head these days. Your color this week is bronze, so that your body will strengthen if you eat more healthy and do a lot of exercise, it is important that your know that your sign is always a prisoner of your vices, so you must give a positive change to your diet. Your guardian angel recommends you to go back to school or take a course so that you can progress more in life, so stop the laziness and think about your future. You’ll have a stroke of luck this day, August 17, with the numbers 03, 02 and 21, I recommend you to wear a lot of perfume and holy water for the good vibes stick with you. A love of the sign of Aries or Pisces will come into your life to stay.


This week is perfect for starting to manage your life better and to save to be better economically. Your family invites you to leave the trip. Stop being so dramatic in your relationship, nobody will make you happy, the jealousy and the fights. You appoint a manager or give you a promotion. You get money by lottery with the numbers 00, 21 and 17. This 17th day of August, I recommend lighting a white candle to make you more spiritual light. Your color this week is going to be the green, so I put more attention to your health, especially your nerves. Your guardian angel you recommend to start new projects and begin to form a family. Your best compatibility with signs Libra and Aquarius, because they are the perfect for a relationship. Try to spend more time with your mommy not to feel alone.


Your best time of the year begins this week and you’ll meet people very compatible signs Aries or Sagittarius. You finish studying and you think you are a master’s degree or to take a language course. You seek a love of the past; the leos who are single will continue to be meeting up with people to get to know the indicated. Your color this week is red, that means that you are in a stage of rejuvenation in all. Your guardian angel recommends you join a social club of common interests so that your circle of friends grow, and don’t spend the weekends locked up. This 17th day of August, used a red ribbon in the left ankle, tied with three knots and keep it there until it falls, that will help you maintain the good fortune and harmony in your life. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 31, 29, and 70.


This will be a week in which you receive the recognition you hoped at work. You end up making payments of card and begin to save. Take care of problems of dizziness or ear, go to your doctor. Pamper your partner and try to evaluate your relationship. File it a credit for a car. You decide to go back to school or into a course of administration. Your color this week is going to be the orange, that means your life is going to be full of good energy. Your guardian angel tells you says that what you ask for is given to you, so that you are granted all of your wishes, this 17th day of August you should light a candle orange or give you a bath of orange peel. You’re going to have a stroke of luck with the number 34, 21 and 77, is to play them with the day of your birth for you to customize your luck.


Long work week and with the energies cross. Take care of a lot of respiratory problems or high blood pressure, go to your doctor. Pay your credit card and you think on going back to school. You seek out the competence of your work to give you a better job, but this is not the best time, wait until September. You seek a love of the sign Gemini or Aquarius. You receive a financial compensation. You decide to change your home or remodel it. Beware of the gossip of your friends. This week I recommend drinking lots of water and if you can have baths in the sea or a river. Your guardian angel recommends that you dedicate yourself to the communication to succeed, light a white candle and put a glass of water crystalline to attract peace and prosperity into your life. Your lucky numbers are 24, 55, and 91.


Week to make radical changes in your life, I recommend by starting with small, as to cut the ends of your hair and give you baths with flowers so that your energy is purified. Try to go with the doctor so that you check a sexually transmitted infection or the skin. You are looking to offer a business related people in government or political campaigns. Seeks to get out of your environment or you go to live in another country to your energy to feel stronger. Your color the gray, it means that you must learn to analyze your body and take more care of your health. Your guardian angel tells you that what is best for your sign is to attract all that you want while keeping your thoughts always positive, what you ask for with enough faith will come to you very soon. You’ll have a stroke of luck in the lottery with the numbers 31, 29 and 73.


This week he returns to you the inspiration you need to put in order your life. Already do not search for that love that is was on your side, remember that if it is not already is because you are not valued. You are looking for a family to invite you to a wedding. You have to give moral support to a friend who is ill. Concentrate more on your work projects and try to carry them forward. Your color this week is going to be the red scarlet, that means your character and intensity is going to bring success. Your guardian angel tells you that your prayer and request will be answered in a creative way, so that you must be mindful not to pass unnoticed signals. I recommend this, August 17, put a glass of water next to your bed and the next day take it to purificarte. Your lucky numbers are 41, 22 and 97.


A week of working together and re-adjustments of positions. This 17th day of August, put a candle white in color and ask for what you need to be at peace. File it your visa and passport to leave to visit some family. You get a gift you didn’t expect. Already don’t fight so much with your political family, try not to give so much importance to what they say about you. You receive money for part of a debt from the past. You look for your granny to ask a favor. Your color this week is red and that means you are free from what causes you pain and anguish. It takes a lot of water to purify your soul. Your guardian angel recommends that the fear will not distract you from your mission in life, remember that your sign strengthens the family and communication. Controls the defects. Your lucky numbers are 31, 27, and 66.


Week to leave the grudges behind and be at peace with life. You go to a language course. Send it to fix your car brakes or tires. You end up paying your card and start saving. Already do not search for that love that you are not valued. A friend asks to borrow money. Purchases a plane ticket for the month of September. You will receive several proposals for changes in work or position, accept them. Your color will be lime green, so I recommend to you protect you from evil eye. Your guardian angel advises you to motivate yourself to yourself to get all those positive changes that you both want in your life. A love of the sign of Gemini or Libra will come into your life and will be perfect for a relationship. Your lucky numbers are 31, 29 and 66. Try to visit your grandparents who are going to be sick.


Long work week behind and tries to catch up with your payments or debt cards. You will have meetings with your bosses, so try to go for a walk to relax and that doesn’t hurt in that stress. You are invited to go on a trip. You search for an old love in the sign of Cancer or Scorpio for reclamarte something, try to talk and fix everything to close that circle. Your color this week is going to be purple, so you have to be open to communication with God to find your way. Your guardian angel will recommend that you continue with the inspiration that you’ve had to go farther in life and achieve those goals you have set. This day, August 17, turn on a candle of the color purple and wear a lot of perfume to attract the good energy and abundance. Your lucky numbers are 31, 29 and 80.


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