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Mhoni Seer tells you all that you have in store for the astros in August, the numbers that will give luck, the best rituals and the days in which you will have the best energy.


You will begin the month with new contracts or projects. This August 1, turn on a candle with a red coin inside the wax and perfume of yours next to a crystalline glass with water and a photo of yourself, this will increase your luck. The signs most compatible in question love are Pisces and Gemini. Your best days will be 03, 06, 09, 11, 13, 19, 21, 27, 29 and 31. You think to change your house. You do surgery. You will have to give support to someone who is divorcing. You go back to school or take again the classes of languages. Stay away from bad energies in the workplace or school, you also need to stop being such a controller. It will be a month of many celebrations and social events. You go on a trip with your friends. Your lucky number is 21. Your color: yellow with orange. Your motto: to believe again.


This month begins will be renewal for your sign. Salts travel with your partner or do you think in go to live elsewhere. Your best days will be 02, 04, 09, 11, 13, 18, 19, 21, 22, 27, 29 and 31. You’ll have a lot of luck to be able to change jobs or start a business. The first day sets on a candle-yellow color, put on perfume and tantita ground cinnamon in the wax next to a glass of water and a photo of yourself to attract what you need. Plan to return with an ex-partner. Singles will have the opportunity to meet people who are very like-minded of the signs of Scorpio and Capricorn. You’re returning to study or take a first aid course. You get money from the sale of your car. Beware of theft or loss. Your lucky number this month is 07, your color red, your motto: always have patience.


August will be a month to overcome all the resentment and loving that you have saved. Your best days are going to be 01, 03, 06, 09, 12, 17, 19, 21, 23, 29 and 30, on them there will be more opportunity to find a better job. Coming a love, very passionate with signs Pisces and Aries. Go back to English classes and go back to the master. To women, I recommend you go to the doctor to have a general check-up. This first of August turn on a candle of the colour blue with cinnamon, sugar, and a coin into the wax, next to a glass of water and a photo of yourself, this is to bring into your life good health and abundance. Don’t forget to always load with you something made of gold or silver in the neck for you to serve as protection. Your lucky number in August will be 11. Your color gray or black. Your motto: the happiness is yours, take it.


This month started will be many radical changes in your personal and professional life. The days 01, 04, 08, 11, 15, 17, 21, 22, 28 and 31 are going to be especially full of energy, however, will not be a great month to have surgery. You make payments of your house. You buy a motorcycle. You are invited to go on a trip with your friends or you’re going with your partner on holiday. In love is going to be one of your best months. For those who are single there will come a new love that will be in the sign of Aquarius or Taurus. This day, August 1, is to light a candle is white with a picture of yourself underneath and a glass of crystal clear water to one side, this will help the health and economic abundance are of the best throughout the month. Your number for the entire month is 06. Your color the green. Your motto: never stop leaving you.


Because of your birthday, August is a month of renewal for your sign. Sales trip with your friends and family. Your best days are going to be 02, 04, 09, 11, 17, 21, 23, 28 and 30, perfect for making decisions of changing jobs and advancing economic issue. You perform an operation medical, everything will work out for the best. You fall in love again and be loved again, remember, your compatibility in love is going to be with Aries or Gemini. Be careful with problems of fraud or procedures of credits, always ask for legal advice. Your lucky number is going to be the 07, is to play the game at all that is lottery. Your color is the deep red, use it as much as you can during the month or paint a wall of your house to always be present. Your motto will be: never give up and always move forward.


You expect a month of many challenges for your personal life. Your best days are going to be 03, 06, 09, 13, 17, 19, 23, 26 and 31, in them you will not have problems if you decide to obtain a credit or to have surgery. File it the foreign residence or give you the citizenship. Sales of travel for work purposes. You will have the opportunity to be a sponsor of a religious event. You will get a extra money by issues of lottery with the number 09. Your color will be orange, try to use them or to paint a wall of your house. In love you will continue with your current partner, and very much in love. Singles are going to get a love signs Taurus or Capricorn that will be very compatible. Just be careful with the theft or loss of your belongings, do not be so confident. Your motto for the month is going to be: I am the best at everything.


August will be a month of significant changes in your personal life, especially in the matter of love. Try to take care of stomach pain or ulcers. Your best days are going to be 02, 04, 08, 10, 13, 17, 19, 21, 28 and 31, will be full of energy is necessary for change of work, for any financial operation or some surgery medical. Your compatibility in love is going to be with Gemini and Aquarius. Your color will be white. Take care of any legal issues or claims. You receive a bonus or pay you an amount of money that you should. You’re going of vacation with your family or friends. Take a course in metaphysics or alternative medicine. The Pound that they have a partner should put aside the drama to be happy. Your lucky number is 08. Your motto for the month: as not to fall into the same thing and be a better person.


It will be a month of many pressures of working and you enter into a stage of your life to resolve finally all the financial situations and debt problems. In this month your lucky number is 03 and your best days are 03, 06, 09, 14, 19, 21, 23, 27 and 30, aprovéchalos to ask for a salary increase. Be careful with back pain or neck nervous tension. Ps to do exercise and follow the diet. I recommend that this day, August 1, garments a candle red with a perfume of yours and a coin embedded in the wax next to a glass with crystal clear water to attract abundance into your life. Try to change the negative attitudes with your partner and put aside the jealousy, the important thing in a relationship is trust. Your color is blue and your motto of the month: always comes happiness.


August will be the best month for new work projects or to undertake business. This August 1 kick off something silver in the neck, in addition to turn on a candle white with your perfume next to a glass of water, this will help you to have a lot of luck. The best days of the month will be 02, 06, 09, 12, 14, 19, 22, 28 and 31. Take a course of swimming or water sports. In this month you are going to solve migration problems or give you the american visa. Salts travel with your couple or friends. You know that someone you love very much is going to live out of the country. In love you’ll be in luck and you will meet someone very important of the signs of Cancer or Libra. Try to measure your temper and not be so spiteful. Your lucky number for the month is 06, your the color yellow. Your motto: my faith shall be my strength.


August will be for renewal in your personal life, especially in the matter of love. The days 02, 04, 08, 10, 13, 19, 21, 29 and 31, will bring many positive changes and abundance. Your work hire new staff and you will be taking the courses. It is time to grow economically, so I’d recommend that the first of August you cut the tips of the hair to renew energies, and after lighting a candle of red color. You should not confuse friendship with love. You get the invitation to the trip, and manage roles of migration. You continue with the exercise and diet, I recommend getting a full medical check-up. Your lucky number for the whole month is going to be the 02, play it in the lottery. Your color will be blue. The motto that you should repeat every day: always be the best at everything.


August will be the best month of your year and there will be many positive changes in your life. The days 03, 07, 09, 12, 18, 21, 24, 29 and 31 will be perfect for changes of car, paperwork of credit, out of town or to make any operation. With your partner you will be with much jealousy or disgust, through misunderstanding, try not to give importance to what is not worth. The singles you will meet people with Aries or Libra with that there will be a formal relationship and long-lasting. The first day turns on a candle white in color with a glass of water and a picture of yours below to attract abundance into your life. You go back to school or take a language course. Be careful with your skin or infections. Your lucky number of the month will be 15. Your color red and white. Your motto will be: there is always a second chance in life.


In this month of August you will receive very good news in the matter of labour, so don’t put limitations on yourself. You enter into the stage of take away all the negative, remember that your sign always arouses a lot of envy, to protect you turn on a candle red with cinnamon powder and perfume of yours next to a glass of water. In love you’ll be a little confused, do not know if you find a former love or continue forward, remember that your sign is very apprehensive and always in need of someone to feel good, be open in discussing your situation so that you are at peace with yourself. You arrive a few days of rest and you go on a trip. Be careful of accidents and falls. Your best days are going to be 01, 03, 07, 13, 19, 21, 27, 29 and 31, your lucky number of the month is the 21. Your motto for every day: never give up.


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