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Mhoni Seer makes new predictions

The astrologer cuban reveals what he will face soon in Mexico and the united States.

Jazmín López By Jasmine Lopez Saturday 30 September 2017

  • PHOTO: Instagram @mhoni1

Mhoni Seer is known for her accurate predictions because before it happened the earthquake that struck part of Mexico, for example, she alerted about the news before. On this occasion, the astrologer gives us to know what we bring to Mexico the next few days, and other events that seem to happen.

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«Everybody has asked me: ‘what Mhoni, it will be more earthquakes in Mexico City?’, I see earthquakes, but it is not category 7.1 or 8.4, they are going to be pure mirrors, but nothing to become alarmed about. And remember that I had commented: ‘Argentina would be the Pope; of Venezuela, the devil; and in Mexico the faith to all the world’, and that happened on the 19th of September, the time of that earthquake so strong that it shook part of the country, the mexicans we join in one, in one faith, the Virgin of Guadalupe blessed us on matters of being united more than ever and help us.»

Mhoni he saw the approach of a strong cold for the united States and Mexico and insisted on one that could be avecinar a war.

«I still see a war, the missiles, all I see is very close (…) we need to pray, the power of prayer is very strong and that we will remove all these negative energies, so let’s get together».

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