I Mhoni Seer would have predicted the terrible earthquake of 7.1! – THE DEBATE

Although for some natural phenomena are unpredictable, for others, like the seer of origin-cuban-mexican Mhoni Vidente, what happens in one nation or country can fit into the field of prophecy.

This Tuesday, September 19, Mexico experienced an earthquake of 7.1 degrees on the Richter scale, which has stopped until the moment when 225 people died.

Before this devastating event, several mexican media they remembered the words of Mhoni Vidente

In July, Mhoni said that a hurricane of category 4 or 5 would affect Texas.

And so it was, the state was hit by hurricane Harvey, where 50 people died. Mhoni Vidente said on that occasion that the affected sites would take three years to return to normal after the disaster.

On the earthquake said after the last eclipse of the sun last August:

«The eclipse brought us several things that are going to be moving on energy issues. Comes an earthquake to Mexico to Chiapas, Oaxaca and mexico CITY,» said Mhoni Vidente through on a radio program.


Then he spoke of another earthquake: «I was in my house praying, and it appeared to me at the Virgin of Fatima and says to me, ‘Mhoni, tell them to pray the rosary, to pray for me. Things are difficult. Comes a catastrophe in Asia. Say that comes an earthquake almost category 10′», said the seer.


One of the predictions, and that has become viral, talks about the Third World War. She asserted that Japan would initiate the war, that country has now a strong tension with North Korea.


Of revelation in revelation

On other occasions, Mhoni Vidente predicted that Juan Gabriel would pass away and that the mexicans you, you would cry his death. On that occasion he was named an «angel of song».


Before Jorge Bergoglio was named Francisco, the seer said that the new Pope would be from Argentina. On repeated occasions, he has said that will “the devil” in Venezuela, now plunged into a political crisis with the Constituent of Nicolás Maduro.

Several programs of television, radio and press have been invited to share their visions.


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