Mhoni Seer: In October will change the history of the world – THE DEBATE

Mhoni Seer shared a video in which he spoke of what is coming for October, according to their predictions.

In the video he makes it clear that there come many changes to the world political level and that we could see the fall of Donald Trump.

He said in addition, that saw a radical change in the world, in political issues that will be delivered to Cuba and Venezuela.

Months ago, in an interview, Mhoni shared some of his predictions for the world, and one of them was the increase of violence in the united States.

For Mexico predicted something good out of the worst thing that happened, making reference to the earthquake that
hit the country in September.

Mhoni Seer, shares the Thursday their predictions on «Good morning Family» and this week he talked about the changes politicians who come to Venezuela and Cuba in addition to an immigration bill that will benefit millions of undocumented immigrants and the judgment of the political to Donald Trump .


And these are the horoscopes, as Mhoni Seer:


This month will start with many economic pressures, you should consider getting another job to have more income. You will return to your life a love of the past with which you have situations pending, you have to resolve it to close that circle and put in order your feelings to continue searching for the happiness you are looking for. You get yourself to yoga classes or meditation. Celebrate the birthday of a family member. You get an extra money, or you pay a debt of the past.


October begins with a week decisive in your working life, you have to analyze a lot of change for working to achieve prosperity. In the school, you are at the right time to ask for a scholarship. You need to be very careful with gossip, try not to get involved in situations that don’t concern. The Taurus married should reassure a lot of his jealousy and insecurities in order to conserve your marriage, you are going through a delicate moment.


This will be a perfect week to activate those personal projects you’ve been delaying. In health issue, it will be a month in which you will have some episodes of depression and anxiety, you should consider going with a professional for the situation you are not out of hand. The married will be happening for a few days that will test your marriage, so try to calm down things and talk about their problems, to wage victorious these bad times.


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Friend Leo, I recommend you take advantage of the good run of economic that you’re going to pay your outstanding debts, you also need to learn to give better and starting to save. Your family is going through delicate moments, so try not to walk very far. You’re already seeing a result of diet and exercise, still with the same perseverance. Try not to be so possessive with your partner, your sign is very passionate, but they must control you in order to conserve the relationship.


Much attention is paid to problems of bones or hip, extreme precautions with the falls. All is well in your home, but you must not forget to visit your family and be closer to your dad misses you a lot and in need of your company. In your relationship there will be difficult days by issues of jealousy, I recommend that this 5th of October garments a candle white to remove all these negative energies in your love life. exercise.


Week of many parties and social events, but also of very good luck in business matters. The stars will line up this October 5, to bring you the best energy on love and money. You’ll have a stroke of luck in gambling or getting money you weren’t expecting to make several changes in your life. You will continue with a good streak with your partner, or even begin to plan their holiday together.


This week you will meet many new people that will be important in your life, some will help you to enter a new stage of prosperity and abundance. The 4 October there will be a lot of magic and luck to your around. Care with problems of the back or waist, remember that if you exercise you should exercise caution. You will have many meetings of work or the supply of a business. Try to visit your mom. Send it to fix your car or change a tire.


Week of some concerns in the job, just try not to stress over for that do not bring negative effects on your health, remember that the first thing is to take care of you. Your best day is going to be the 3 of October, you’ll have much luck in games of chance, especially if you play with the numbers 01 and 87. All of October will be a month of many celebrations and social events, just try not going to extremes with alcohol and cigarettes. Are you thinking to change your house to be closer to your family.


This week you will have a lot of good energy in the work, you get a recognition and a wage increase, plus you will get invitations to be part of a new business. You will look for a ex-partner that wants to go back with you, not blind you to the possibilities, but also not take things lightly, he thinks a lot in the decision that take. Do paperwork to get a bank loan. You continue with the diet and you start with the training for a sports competition. You must take courses that complement your career so that you reach more growth opportunities.


October will be a month of many pressures at work and personal life, you must learn to manage your time better because you are leaving it to the last your pending meet with the office, remember that you are the most important. You get an invitation to go on a trip these days. It will be a perfect week to close circles in matters amorous, and debug of your life, those friends that only bring bad vibe. Shopping for clothing and you make a new cut of hair.


Week with many opportunities to grow professionally, you will arrive a few business proposals that you may have a lot of abundance in the future, however, you must not forget to save for difficult times. Take care of back pains or knee, try not to do exercises such extreme Set things clear with your partner to not take advantage of you. You will seek a friend to ask you for an advice, just try not to get involved much so as not to attract the bad vibe.


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