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Week to experience good energy. Finally you relieve those a disease and you will feel more dynamic. Remember friend that you should always take care of you. You get an extra money for a payment of a job of the past. The energies are re-aligning for your highest good and the economic problems will be left behind, however, is to be more organized. You will talk of a proposal that was very good for a business and it’s going to be with friends or family. Try to do something more with your professional life so you don’t feel stagnant. Remember that your sign must always excel and have financial abundance to feel good, that is why you are a leader and example to the other signs of the zodiac. Salts travel with your partner. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 17th day of march with the numbers 20, 19 and 23. Manage roles of lawyers or scriptures. You diet or you do a beauty treatment.


Week of job interviews, or speak to you for a new project of sales or engineering, so go with all the good attitude and put on strong colors for you to hire. Sometimes you don’t understand your partner and that makes you think about it too much can give you a time to be alone and enjoy life more, then go right ahead, that will help you to feel stronger in your future. You will get a stroke of luck on the 13th day of march, you will have good energy around you, so take advantage and do everything that you have pending. Also you solve legal problems that you had pending. There will come a new love of the sign of Scorpio. Sales travel to visit some family. You recognize in your work. You are the strongest sign of the zodiac but sometimes your pride corrupts everything good that you have. Follow with the exercise for that in this holiday you look good. Your lucky numbers are 07, 23 and 99. Please strong colors in this week to be more successful in every way.


Long work week. Remember that you need to give yourself time for everything and not let you win the laziness or indecision in your life. A love of the past returns to you in these days. Try to slightly change your character and make things right in your relationship. Your sign is a winner because it is dual and therefore has the virtue of thinking in the success without forgetting the failure. You get an extra money for a payment in the past, or sale of a property. This 16th day of march will be very good in a matter of business and loves passionate. Be careful with problems of bones. Salts of traveling for work. You give away a pet, or you decide to buy animals for your ranch or home, remember that your sign likes to be in contact with nature. Your lucky numbers are 09, 31 and 24. Is put holy water in the back of the neck in the morning when you get up for you to take off the bad energies.


Week in which you will be very thoughtful for your work, remember friend that you are very sentimental and gives you depression so constant, in addition you floor it a lot, so calm that soon you’ll be able to solve all your problems. Comes a new love and it will be Aquarius or Libra, it will be compatible with you. You go on a trip with your family on easter and you will be paying the flight tickets and the hotel. Remember that you have the power to change everything that is around you, Cancer, have a strong power of thought and its sign is very involved with the mystical. Remember that you also have the ability to give and help, and that God will going to reward. About making changes in your home or buy furniture. You do an operation and all goes very well. Your stroke of luck are going to be the day march 15, with the numbers 09, 31, and 22. Take a course of sale of properties or debt management. Beware of stomach aches.


Week of luck for your sign, by order to give you a pay raise or you get a bonus. You should give him a lot of moral support to a family member who suffers because of an illness these days. Remember friend that you are a natural leader and your inner strength makes you very successful, but sometimes bad friendships or flaws that make you stop, so that’s about knowing who’s around you and not fall in both the alcohol and parties. You are invited to a political campaign, remember that you are very good to convince, so you’re an artist or a politician. You buy a car or send it to fix the one you have for a trip. You are very sensual and it helps to know a lot of people and never be alone. You are invited to put up a food business and it’s going to be a family. Your lucky numbers are 23, 10 and 87. Your best day is going to be the 16 of march.


Week of encounter with love or past friends. You will be very happy to see them again, remember, your sign is very consistent and always has the same friends. You’re going to fix papers of attorneys or tax but you will come out victorious in all the senses. Be careful with the lies in your negotiations, remember to always tell the truth. File it a bank loan for the home or decide to move and live closer to your family. Be careful with hormones, if you’re a woman you’ll have problems with depression or anxiety, go to your doctor for review. File it your visa or residency migration. Take a course of law, or sale of franchises. File it a scholarship to go abroad. There comes a new love to your life and will be in the sign of Aquarius or Aries. Your lucky day will be march 17, with the numbers 05, 43 and 27.


Week to be with very good vibe. You will feel that finally it was that negative energy that was in your work and you are not allowed to proceed. Come to a position of leadership or manager, remember to say yes and not put so many ifs and buts to life. Remember that your virtue is the desire and commitment to grow the economy to help your family, so try to put a business of selling clothes or bags or a hotel, that will help you to be better in every way. Try not to promise what you’re not going to comply and more on matters amorous. Beware of the envy of neighbors, try not to talk about your achievements or successes. You will have these days the vision of getting more money and the stars will help you to progress. Be careful with pains in the intestine or kidney, go to the doctor. You’ll have a stroke of luck on 17 march with the numbers, 21, 06 and 88. Is dress blue or white for your energy to grow.


Week to plan a business that will help you grow as a person and professional. Remember that you have to finish your studies or make a career, because that will help a lot to be more successful. Be careful with heart problems or try not to fall in love, remember that what you receive you must give. Are you going with a psychologist because you feel that your anger at life do not let you move forward. Be careful what you sign or advise with a lawyer for legal formalities. You are the most fun of the zodiac, that’s why it makes your life very easy and light. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 13th day of march. Make plans to your vacation for Semana Santa and ask for money to borrow to go to that trip. Pregnancy-to-door. Try to dress in light colors and wear a lot of perfume for your energy to renew. Remember not to expect what is not going to arrive. Your lucky numbers are 29, 21 and 33.


These will be days of discussion with people from your work or friends, try not to fight, remember that the energies will be very cross that is why I recommend not to take advantage of any situation and better to wear a silver chain or a pendant of silver, that those bad energies away from your life. File it your title or think of going back to school, because your sign needs to be trained to feel useful in life. You will have problems with a grinding wheel and you go with the dentist. You are the most charismatic of the zodiac and that gives you a great power of influence to others, that’s why you need to always be in a association or in the policy so that you can project it in the future. On the 17th of march you’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 25, 66, and 09. In love, you seek someone of the sign of Aries or Taurus that will talk back. Try getting dressed with strong colors so that your energy will multiply.


Week good luck on the job. Is taking a course in management or design, that is going to help you in your daily life. Your virtue is patience, and that’s why everyone is looking for you. You will have a surprise visit from a family member. Be careful with the witchcraft or spells, I recommend you put a candle white and pray to cut the negative energies. You go to the doctor for a check-up of hormones. Purchasing plane tickets last minute to go holiday with friends. Take a course of action. Know of a pregnancy family. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 16th day of march, with the numbers 06, 77 and 81. Receive a extra money. Don’t you wonder why, love, you let yourself be wanting, and still so in love. Try to dress in light colors so that your energy will multiply.


Week so as not to confuse the opportunities that gives you life and more in the professional. In these days you will get a job offer, accept it because you are going to get wonderful. You get extra money from the sale of your car and you purchase a model recent, is it white or red. You diet or you still with the gym. Looking for you a friend of the sign of Aries to invite you to a business or work project, do it because you’ll be fine. Beware of pride or trying to be more humble so they don’t load the bad energy or envy. Try talking to a love of the past and close that circle to let you move forward in your love life. You are the most sociable and organized of the zodiac, that’s why you’ll always be surrounded by many friends. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 17th of march and will be with the numbers 03, 22 and 87.


A week of mixed emotions, or to feel very happy for all that are living lately. Remember friend that you are both in your sign, that’s why you hate to be alone, so better returns with that love. Salts travel this week or will celebrate. You get money that you did not expect and that will help you to change your car. Send it to fix the pipe of your house or something related to the water cistern. Beware of the gossip at work, try not to interact with anyone on there for you that you will not get in trouble. You are very good for art and design. Come two strokes of luck, one on the 15th and it will be for gaming and the other 17 by a money that you were not expecting. Try not to discuss things of no importance. You go to the dermatologist for problems of hair.


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