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After that the astrologer Mhoni Seer declared that Vadhir Derbez is gay and that soon would come out of the closet, the actor denied this information, accusing Mhoni have been wrong because he did not have those sexual preferences.

However, the seer, responds to him, ensuring that she only makes predictions, and the people will take the importance that they want:

“It’s like your dad well funny, I love the family Derbez, I make predictions, I’m not saying anything, if they drop the sack you put it, but not to go about saying a year or two years ‘since I came out of the closet, I introduce you to my boyfriend,’” said the astrologer to Gerardo Escareño.

In addition, he said not to worry about what you think Vadhir, he preferred to congratulate you for feeling good about himself, as the same actor loa secure, and asserts that no statement made in bad faith:

“How good if feels quite a man, are predictions, don’t get it, must understand that all that I do in a matter of predictions do not do it with intent, I am simply saying what I see, but if you like artists do not want to speak of you, so it’s out to sell tamales,” he concluded.

By: Nitzia Pena


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