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Month to feel fulfilled. In this week you will be a growth opportunity in your work, you speak from a position international, is always a question of weighing your opportunities and choose what is best for your life. Sales of travel or you go back to your house. Remember that your sign is very strong and attracts many negative energies, always tries to bring a silver coin to cut that negative. This year, you will have the opportunity to consolidarte as one of the best leaders or entrepreneurs. Be careful with your money, is not to teach as much or be more discreet. In health issue, try to relax more and do not have as many pressures. Your best days of the month of February will be 02, 07, 10, 13, 24 and 27. You are the best conqueror already but I try not to ride with both at the same time. Your lucky numbers for this month are 21, 09 and 70. Your color, gold. Your goal will be to not make the case of gossip or misunderstandings and be more strong in your life.


In February come two strokes of good luck on the lottery. You are very conqueror that is why these days you will have the opportunity to meet people very similar to you and speak of falling in love. Your best gifts for Valentine’s day will be the chocolates. Remember that your sign in this month you are going to feel very full in the love. You make the process of credit car that is going to give you. Take care of a lot of nerve problems or insomnia. Pay arrears or solve legal problems on your behalf. Your best days in the month of February will be 03, 06, 09, 12, 18, and 23. No longer borrow money because it will steal your luck. Your numbers will be 09, 12, and 33. Your color, the intense red. Your goal will be to not lose the time and be someone in life. A friend of Taurus is to take care of the witchcraft by people of your work, to do this, turn on a candle white the day 1 of February that is going to protect the rest of the month of jealousy and bad energies.


Month of a lot of inner strength, and to leave all the problems related to debt or job changes. Remember that you are at your best year and that will help you grow professionally. Try to stop vices or stop smoking, or not take as much alcohol. This month will be fundamental in your loving relationship so you know if you stay or you go. Just try to meditate very well or go with a specialist to guide you in your sentimental life. Be careful of infections to the stomach. You’ll have a stroke of luck with games of chance with the numbers 06, 21 and 88. You are invited to go on a trip and will be your partner. Your best days in the month of February will be 01, 09, 11, 14, 20, 23 and 25. In those days you will have the opportunity to make progress on business issues or new jobs. Beware of the vices, remember that your mind is very weak and that makes you feel very vulnerable. Take a course in the foreign language. You pay a debt that they owed. Your color, the red.


Month to be with a lot of encouragement and with all the good energies. Remember a friend of Cancer that is always that is February, the stars help you to be the best, so try to light a candle red this first day so that the positive energies to last longer. Be careful with car accidents or on the streets is to be more cautious. You’ll have a stroke of luck that will change your life in this month with the numbers 04, 29, and 55. In love you’ll be a little confused, do not know with whom to stay, with a new love or someone of the past. In the work, you will have several meetings and speak to it to give you a raise or more responsibility. Your best day in this month of February will be 02, 07, 10, 16, 23 and 27. Your goal will be to try to not be so spiteful, and your compatibility will be with the sign of Scorpio and Capricorn. You are very sentimental that is why it tries to save the balance in your personal life.


Month of great opportunities. You’ll have a stroke of luck in games of chance. You’re going to close a new contract of work that is going to help you to have more income and going to be the numbers 00, 21 and 67. You do a operation aesthetic in this month. Try not to fight with your family and let them help you in your problems. You’ll have to do a number of formalities of school or payment of tuition. You change your car for a more recent one. Beware of the theft, try not to go out alone or always changes the routes of your daily tasks and try to light a candle blue on the first day so that your positive energies are with you. Your best day in this month of February are 04, 10, 12, 19, and 25. In the matter of health take care of the excesses of alcohol or disclosed. Be careful, a love of the past will cause problems with your current partner. Your color, the red fort and your goal for this month, not to be prey to gossip or which do not influence much on your life.


Month of complete transformation for your life. He tries to negotiate with the debts of the past and leave the egos to one side to control your character. This first day of February, turn on a candle white and pray Psalm 91 for you to provide protection. You are the best in the zodiac by helpful, by helping others, that’s why you want to pulse all the recognition from your superiors in your work. In this month of February will come in a bonus or a promotion, change of position. Comes a stroke of luck with the numbers 04 and 67. Take care of a sore throat or knee, try to take more vitamins. Your best days this month will be 03, 08, 12, 16, 21 and 27. Your color, the blue. Your goal this month is to be the best in everything that you set out to do and always complete your goals. Be careful with falls in this month. Do not stop taking a course of spirituality. In this month we will look for a love of the sign of Aries. Renew completely your style.


It will be a month full of successes and personal triumphs. By the end you will feel relieved of many negative charges or problems that came to endure the month of January. Remember that this 2017 will be a year of metamorphosis. Will seek you out to offer you a credit of a house or a car, tries to take it. Remember that your sign is the friend of all, and that makes that in the month of love all over the world will look to show his affection. In this month of Valentine’s day you can get gifts that you were not expecting. If you are a libra woman, I recommend that you go with your doctor for you to check the hormones. You arrive family. You are invited to a wedding. Your best day will be 01, 18, 14, 19 and 21. Speak to close by order a legal procedure, or issues that bother you much. Try to be very cautious because you are spying to invent gossip in your work or school. Aid to a family for an operation or medical treatment. Your goal this month is to close circles with loves of the past or change of attitude to life.


Month of personal renewal and feel very well. This time it’s going to be very productive in matters of work or new jobs, just remember not to have both your plans for that don’t come out. You’ll have a stroke of luck with games of chance. You’re the best friend and companion of the zodiac and this makes you confused a lot between love and friendship, so try to clarify your feelings. Remember that you are in the month of love, and it is time that you live in couple or have something formal in your life. Take care of kidney problems or try to drink more water and do more sports. In this month of Valentine’s day you will get big surprises of love which you did not expect. Your best days this month are going to be the days 01, 04, 09, 11, 17, 23 and 27. In these days you will have the opportunity to start a business or find a job outside of your country. You receive a money by the sale of a house or give you an inheritance. Your lucky numbers this month are 04, 55 and 87. Your color, the silver gray. Your motto, always be the best at everything.


Month to go on a trip or to apply multiple permissions for migration or visa. It will be a great month for you, friend Sagittarius, especially in matters of money or business investments of art or mass events. Remember that your sign dominates the design, and everything related to advertising, so take advantage of that virtue that God gave you. You will have three strokes of good luck in this month, and all related to games of chance. Also with the numbers 09, 22 and 18. In love you find the ideal person. Try not to play with the feelings of the people, or to be more clear in your romantic relationships. Remember that your sign dominates passion without reason. In the matter of health take care of the infections of the skin. Your best days this month are going to be 02, 08, 12, 16, 21 and 23. You will have the opportunity to see other options for work or to better yourself professionally. Your motto this month is to not let the gossip you remove the smile.


Month, to catch up on projects or new jobs. Remember, friend Capricorn that always is going to give you have everything in order and that will help your positive energy is renewed or to be always in a good mood. You’ll have a stroke of luck in matters of extra money or you’re going to make a sale that you were not expecting. You’ll have several opportunities to be very good on economic issues. Take a psychology course or meditation will help to control your character. You are the strongest of the zodiac and that helps you to be supporting your family. Care with a friend who is going to betray and it will be for a money. Your best days this month are going to be 01, 05, 09, 11, 13, 21 and 23. In these days you’ll be able to arrange legal papers and you will come out victorious of this. Also you can do any ritual to attract luck or love. Your lucky numbers are 07, 88, and 19. Your color, light green. Your motto, not to be overcome without a fight.


Month to feel good. Your energy is renewed each time that you meet years, and this year, 2017 will be no exception. You’ll have better job opportunities. Your best day in this month of February were 01, 08, 13, 17, 22 and 25, these days you will have double luck in matters of money or abundance but you must be careful with loss or theft because your sign always attracts the energies of envy or evil desires. You’re a good athlete or you’re always in good athletic condition and that helps you attract love and more in this month. Take care of much of the kidney or stomach. You will also have a lot of parties or last-minute meeting. You’ll have much luck with gifts unexpected. Do procedures for payment of Finance or tax. You will look for a love of the past, be careful with these loves because they speak of courage or dispatches. Your lucky numbers this month are 02, 17 and 88. Your color, the yellow.


Month to feel in full renewal, both personal and realize that it is time to grow professionally. Your goal in this month is not to hold a grudge and start to forgive so that you do not upload negative energies. Remember that you are the sign consented of God, and that will help you get ahead faster, just ask and you shall receive. Be careful with the late payments of your home or rent. In this month you will have a stroke of luck in games of chance or lottery. You are the best conversationalist and you will always surround yourself with people with a lot of love, that helps you feel better as a person. Care with headaches or neck, your sign holds many tantrums and that makes you sick. In your home and with your family all going to be very good. You get an extra money to go on a trip or file it your passport or visa. In love you will continue with your partner of Gemini or Libra and will talk about living together or marrying. Your best days this month will be 01, 11, 16, 20, and 23. Your color, white.


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