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Week to change their attitude and put more positive energy to your ideas or projects. Remember that your sign is very concerned with the economic well-being, so decide to do business plans. These will be days of joy and pleasant surprises because you are in your time of birthday. You end up making a few payments. Don’t be so dramatic in your sentimental life, try to take more lightweight and without many complications. Manage paperwork of your car or you decide to sell it. You change a bank account. Do you get a permit of migration. Take care of headaches. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 02, 13, and 27. You should know that you are going to live intensely a love forbidden in this month. You prepare for an operation. Share more time with your parents that you will do well.


Week to pay off debts. You get an extra cash for a commission payment. Try not to fight in your work, especially this April 7, because they will be the energies cross. Sales of vacation. Pay any outstanding debts of your car. You give away a pet. Try not to discuss both with your partner because it is bothering you due to jealousy. You start a course of crafts or electricity. You are a very kind person that is why others rely on you. Manage several things in your home or you decide to change. You go to a doctor for a regular check-up. You think about start a business advertising or administration. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the day 5 and will be with the numbers 03, 22 and 71. Drink more water and don’t forget the exercise, that will do you good. Pay No attention to negative comments that will reduce your energy.


This week you will have a lot of luck in the job. You decide to start a business, remember that you’re in a good time to invest or undertaking, you must not let pass, and run the risk. Be careful with your blood pressure, go to a doctor, remember that your sign I pursue cardiovascular problems, so you must live more healthy. Do not try wrong to your partner, try to be more attentive and please always instead of the others. Your lucky numbers are 31, 20 and 02. You should know that you will live this month an intense love. Beware of the comments that others make of you, remember that not all your friends are even what appear to. Sell or change your car. You think a credit of housing. Visit your grandparents, don’t forget which of them you learn a lot.


Week to think in a new house, remember that it is time to buy and stop paying the rent. Do paperwork for taxes. We offer work in a multinational company, tries to take it, there you go very well for you because your sign needs to be by changing the place to make the energy flow. Do not think so much the things that happen to you daily. There will be dramatic changes in your health, is to go to a physician. Be careful what you sign, always read well or seek advice with a lawyer. Not think so much of what was not, it is better to close that circle of love and move forward in life. You get a surprise on day 6 and will be for a sale or commission of a work project. Beware of the stomach or tries not to eat so much spicy. Your lucky numbers are 34, 20 and 87.


Week of concern for the economic well-being. You have to start to pay off your debts so that your energy does not stagnate. Don’t worry so much about the future, better look for options to fix the problems and help to ask for advice from your friends or family. Be careful with stomach problems and neck, see a doctor for a general check-up. You do a recognition in your work for good performance. In fact your sign is noted for doing things with a lot of dedication. Purchasing furniture for your home. You are seriously thinking of getting married or have a family. You will know a betrayal of love, so a lot of caution. Care with accidents or shock. You make a dental surgery. Your lucky numbers are 31, 29 and 88. Do not believe rumors of a pregnancy in your office. Going to the movies with your new love. Don’t consume much sugar, remember to take care of your diet.


Long work week and with plans to grow financially, but be careful with who you do or try not to be so confident with your projects money. You will have a divine revelation to help you in what you’re asking for lately, remember that your sign has great spiritual perception and it will help to take away bad energies. You get sick often and it’s because you have the defenses low, he sees with a doctor that will do a general review, and continues with the exercise. Unfortunately, your sign is the dam of bad comments, try to ignore them and continue forward. You seek a love of the past and ask for tips. You solve legal problems, and you think to change your house. Your best day will be the 7. Your lucky numbers are 07, 33 and 21. Don’t forget your parents and go to see them more often.


Week to start putting together a personal development plan. Need to feel better physically and emotionally for everything to flow into your life. In the work, you will have to face challenges from internal discussions that have to do with your performance, apply more. Be careful with problems of the bowel or kidney, see a doctor for review. You will talk in a few day a family member to give you the good news that a sister is pregnant. Don’t think of love as something that only produces frustration, better to think positive and move forward. Your lucky numbers are 00, 98, and 71. For singles will be days of love affairs but without commitment. You think to sell your car. Manage roles of migration and you do an operation that will very well.


Week to think in to grow in your professional and family life. At times neglect your dreams by the daily tasks of your job, but remember, this is not to live with a rhythm that in the end only leaves you frustrated. Your sign will always load with the problems of the past and that makes it susceptible to the negative energies. You get extra money from the sale of your car. You go back to study to finish your college career. Be careful with your back, follow with your workouts and diet because that will help you to feel better. In love you will continue to know people, have patience and all will flow. In the work, you will have rumors of a possible loving relationship with your superiors, be careful because you will lose. Your lucky numbers are 05, 33 and 21. Do not believe in everything you say people, are sometimes envious and that affects your energy, let it go.


Week to spend the desire to the realization of your goals. Remember, friend, that your priority should be your own well-being. Try to be more patient in your work so you don’t pile on the stress. You’ve always taken care of your family and that puts you as a pillar of the zodiac, but to help others first you have to achieve your own balance. Sales of travel for work. You get an extra money by gambling with the numbers 07, 66, and 31. Salts travel with friends but beware if it is night. Take care of your belonging, don’t be so confident with unknown people. Give time to that love of the past that still haunts your thoughts and do not let your life flow, closed circles, do not limit yourself by fear. Visit your family more often, go out to eat with them this week, that you will bring some comfort.


Your sign dominates the intelligence, the knowledge, that’s why you’re always studying but don’t forget to go out and have fun because that also makes you well. You’ll have a lot of work this week. Salts of traveling for a project abroad. Looking for you to ask for a borrowed money. You solve legal problems. Be careful with your stomach or gut because you are eating a lot of red meat and alcohol, best is to follow a diet that keeps you healthy. You’ll have a stroke of luck the 4 of April, with the numbers 04, 33and 27. Turn on a candle red day on Thursday for your requests to be done soon. You buy a computer and plane tickets for the month of may. Treated well and receive the same. In this time of heat take care of your skin, protect more. You’ll be in a good mood, that’s okay because it makes your energy flow.


A week of hard work and positive changes. At the beginning you’ll be a little restless but you will already understand the settings. Don’t confuse love with friendship and try to make your feelings clear. This week you will have surprises that you will be very happy. Go be with your doctor to get a general checkup because you’ve presented dizziness and it may be that your hormones are not well. You are one of the signs of the zodiac with greater mental strength and that helps you to be prepared for crisis. Pay a debt or to start a project. Purchasing a gift for a wedding. You are looking for friends from another city to invite you to go on a trip. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 15, 86, and 20.


Week to be more aware of your family, remember that you are very attached to your parents and you’re going to help them in an illness. On April 5, you’ll have a stroke of luck in everything related to projects or tasks, so that day turns on a candle white and prays the psalm 140 for everything you want to do. Will be a few days to surprise your partner because you are leaving on a trip. Your lucky numbers are 07, 21, and 84. Remember that thoughts create feelings, so think always positively and to continue on the road to success. Take care of headaches and Czech your hormones, it is better to prevent. Frequents more to your friends.


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