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Week of personal renewal. Remember the friend of Aries that everything that happens is for your character to be more strong in adversity and not let yourself fall for any critical situation. Sales travel for work or business. Comes to taking care of your health and go with your doctor. You change your house or you’re moving near your family. In love you will continue with your partner and all will be well. The Aries single, loves shooting and new will be looking at these days. Are removed from you friends because of a gossip or misunderstanding. You start again a language course. Be careful with your money, don’t lend it to not get stolen luck. Remember that the happiness one creates it, so that creates everything good in your life. Your lucky charm is the gold or golden color, so it uses rings, chains or earrings of this metal and try to clean them with holy water and perfume of yours, that will help you to zoom out all the negative. Lucky numbers are 23, 10 and 87.


Week to make a new start on issues of job or own business. Remember that your sign will never give up and always going to manage their economic success, only try to control your nerves and not to despair because in these days you will get a great job opportunity. Also you get the proposal you go to live in another country. You get your degree or do a master’s degree. File it stationery for a credit, or renew an existing one. Already don’t eat so much and leave the worries to one side and continues with the exercise to make you look healthy. Remember that your sign is very passionate and is always looking for sex to feel good and these days you find a love fleeting and passionate. The amulet for your sign is the silver that is to use a string I have said or silver or a currency so that you have protection against bad energies and every 21 days the clean with holy water and perfume. Your lucky numbers are 21, 04 and 18.


Week of many meetings and problems in the work settings of staff. Remember, friend of Twins you need to be careful in all senses, and especially these days because it’s going to have coworkers that you are going to accuse you of gossip or problems. You get extra money from the sale of a car or home. File it your passport or residence. Is to be at peace with your ex-partner so they do not fill up with remorse after. Salts are visiting for business matters. You study a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Remember that you are the twin of the zodiac, and that makes you very inconstant or fickle in your life, so learn to better carry your character. The Gemini single, there will come a love that is very strong and deep-the sign of fire. Be careful with the theft or illegal business. Your amulet is copper, then used a currency of this material to protect you from the bad energies. Your lucky numbers are 00, 37 and 21.


Week of concern in financial or late payments. Remember a friend of Cancer your sign is stressed by all, and more with the money. Learn how to solve problems with the mind and cold so you’ll be able to come out faster from the difficult situations. You get a business proposal. Remember to go with your doctor for the annual checkup, and follow as healthy. Do not take pills for slimming that only brings you problems in the nervous system. Continues with diet and exercise that although it is slow it is very positive. You look for your mother to ask for advice. A friend asks you for a job or a recommendation. Salts of traveling for work. You seek a love of the past to return. You have to make a very important decision in your work on if you stay or you go, always remember to secure another job before quitting. The amulet for the Cancer it is the stone of sapphire, try to use it in a bag, red in your portfolio to protect you against bad energies. Your lucky numbers are 24, 19 and 76.


Week of many commitments at work or together last-minute to get acquainted with new projects. Remember that you must be responsible in your life so that you can grow as a person. You will have a divine revelation through a dream, and there you will notice that the angels hear you. You are looking to take out a bank loan for a house and yes are you going to give and that will help you to be more stable. Try not to fall prisoner of your negative thoughts and look to get out of that depression with exercise. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the 21st day of February, with the numbers 09, (77 and 23. The amulet of your sign is the diamond, try to use them more often, keep it in a bag black and bring in your portfolio to protect you against bad energies. You change your phone. In love, you’ll have a chance to make you fall in love with someone of the sign of Pisces.


Week for the formalities of a new job or to solve legal issues of the past, that you will come out victorious. Remember a friend of Virgo that you are at your best week of the month and these days you’ll have many opportunities for job growth, just try to be discreet and not talk about your plans. Have patience with your friends, remember that not everyone thinks like you. Do paperwork for a visa or a residence. You get an extra money by means of the lottery with the numbers 03, 22 and 76. Manage the garden of your house. You give away a pet. The Virgo that they are married they will come with a pregnancy. Already do not be so spiteful or tries to forget the bad moments of your life. Take care of your father who is going to be sick. You will have a new love. The amulet for your sign is the combination of gold and silver.


A week of many outstanding and mortifications of work. Remember that your sign is very accomplished in everything relating to his work but sometimes your superiors will carry the hand, so try to make clear what is your work performance or ask for a salary increase. You get an invitation to go on a trip with your partner. Go to your doctor and you check the hormones, so that you do not alter so easy. You’re a good friend and loyal that’s why the love is going to get you to stay, just be calm. Remember that you are the pillar of your house and that makes all your family lean on you, so don’t give up much. The amulet of luck for your sign is the pearl or something of silver, is to use them inside a bag, black for you to protect you from the bad energies. Your lucky numbers are 23, 87 and 06.


Week of sudden changes in your work or personal life. Remember that you are in a stage of your life in which you have to renew you completely, so try to be attentive to the good opportunities that will arrive in these days. Sales of travel for work. You know a divorce family that’s going to hurt a lot. Change your career or decide to study again. You think about to separate from your partner and spending time alone. Remember that your sign is very strong and always look out for their well-being, and that makes you happy, then tries to discuss it with your partner. Pay the debts of your card. Be careful with health issues, especially mood or nerves. Your lucky charm is a silver coin and a copper that you must collect in a bag color red in your portfolio, that will help you to take away the bad energies. Your lucky numbers are 23, 14 and 56. You are invited to participate in a political campaign or in government.


Week to be with a lot of work or exams of your school. Is friend of Sagittarius to be very disciplined with your work so that later you do not have setbacks. Try to sleep more and leave to one side the social networks. You looking to make a food business in which you are going to go very well. Pay your debts or not to leave them to the end. You seek a love of the past to return. Invite you to live in another country. Try not to spend on leisure, and save for the future. Your lucky charm is a small gold coin or gold inside a bag of black color, put it in your portfolio that will help you to take away bad energies. Your lucky numbers are 23, 15 and 77. To the Sagittarius who have a partner, you will be very well. Remember that your sign has a lot of charisma and that makes that you are always surrounded by many friends and who invite you to parties.


Week to have good news in connection with a legal claim or manage something with a few lawyers. Remember, friend Capricorn that you are very impulsive in your work, so whenever you are going to say some comment, try to think about, to not hurt anyone. You get the opportunity you were hoping for in working issues. You move house or you decide to leave to live with your partner. Comes to visit and you will know of a pregnancy family. Have no fear of what people will say, you’re original. Go slowly in romantic relationships. Beware of stomach aches, or throat. The amulet for the Capricorn is a rock of marine water and a quartz purple in a bag red. Save it in the portfolio that will help you to protect yourself from bad energies. Your lucky numbers are 14, 56 and 08.


Long work week behind. You get current with the payments of your card. Remember that you need to save for your future. You are looking for a friend to talk to a business communication or advertising which will help you to be better economically. You are very good at languages or public relations, is to search for a course. In love you will continue to know like-minded people but nothing formal commitment, only adventures fleeting. You buy clothes or to change one that doesn’t fit. Manage roles of the social insurance or a policy for your car. There will be meetings at your workplace to personal fit. You get a gift you didn’t expect. The Aquarium that are married will have the birth of your baby or pregnancy in door. The amulet for the Aquarium is to use a pendant of the guardian angel hanging in a golden chain, that will help you to protect yourself from bad energies. Your lucky numbers are 34, 76 and 10.


Week of enter your best time, and more, because your sign is of celebration and this week we celebrate the work friends and family. Remember a friend of Pisces that you are very charismatic and you will always have many people who love you around you, but you must learn to properly define who is a friend and who is not. You get an extra money or a productivity bonus. You seek a love of the past to congratulate you. You are very strong and that makes all the problems we have solution. You change from home or you’re looking for one to buy. Purchases plane tickets to leave on vacation. You can get gifts unexpected. Solving a legal problem. Remember that love always comes, then it will not search for him so much, let it flow. Your amulet is a pendant in the shape of a gold fish. Your lucky numbers are 24, 51, and 07.


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