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Friday a lot of work and adjustments on your work activities, have openness to these actions. You receive an extra money for a sale. Pay debts and have a stable economy. Remember that your sign is very spendthrift and likes to look good, try to control you. This weekend you’ll get a day with personal issues that you have for 2017. You seek a love of the past to return, tries to talk but do not go back, it is better to close circles. You are invited to a party last minute. Be careful of your friends, try not to talk about your personal issues, you are quite a tattletale. Arrive friends home on Sunday, or make a roast beef. You think to make a plastic surgery, is hacértela because any surgery in the month of February will be good for you. Lucky numbers: 21, 33 and 06, expect with them a stroke of luck, be patient. Don’t get carried away by impulses and less money. All in due time and one thing at a time.


This weekend, surely, you’re going to be with a lot of personal issues, or loving. Try to put aside the jealousy and converse more with your partner to establish a good relationship. Friday of together last-minute with your boss or change of administrative positions in your area. Is going to visit your parents and not out as much of your family, remember that you are the pillar and you encourage the union. Receive a extra money by lottery or games of chance with the numbers 09, and 77. Put your day of birth before the numbers to customize your luck. For singles it will be a Saturday for getting to know new people and is very related to your life, take advantage of this opportunity. Continues with the exercise. You are invited to go on a road trip or a camp. Remember that your sign will always need nature to feel good.


Friday magic to your sign, and more, because your lucky number is 27. This Friday I recommend you put on light apparel and much perfume, so that the positive energies are stronger. Remember that you are very charismatic and be the twin of the Zodiac makes you more loving or unfaithful, then tries to resolve that situation, or do not have a stable partner so that you can exit freely. Finish your course and start another on Saturday. Sales of journey, but it’s going to be very close to visit family. On Sunday you will have an invitation to a birthday or christening. To the married they are presented with divorce in the door. You’ll have much luck with the color blue and white, and your numbers for this weekend are 03, 22 and 27.


Friday to be examining if you end up with your partner or not. Remember that your sign is very sentimental and is dam of many mistrust, then try to be a little more quiet and stop doing in your decisions. The day 27 you will present a new work proposal or you propose to undertake a business of their own. Remember that this year you’ll have a chance of growth higher than the past. Saturday feast and to be cleaning your house and buying furniture. Take care of a sore throat or bones. Try not to pick a fight with a family member, remember that it is better to have no opinion and be outside. Sunday shopping to be analyzing a change in your personal life.
Your lucky numbers are 23, 10 and 87.


Friday of many energies cross in your environment. Remember that your sign makes prey very fast from envy and bad energy, so that is this Friday 27 to light a candle white and wear a silver chain to evoke protection. You go with a psychologist or a therapy on Saturdays, which will serve to be more calm and analyze your life. You are looking for a party this Saturday, try not to take so much then don’t feel bad. Sunday arrival of relatives at your house or know of a pregnancy family. In love, leos who are single will receive many adventures without commitment and passionate. Take care of your car or tries to handle more quiet. Your lucky numbers are 21, 30 and 98.


On the 27th of January is going to be very special for your sign. Remember that this is your year and all the days that end in seven will be of abundance and pleasant surprises, that’s why I recommend lighting a candle of red color and to use new shoes or brand new clothing for your positive energy is stronger. You get an extra money for your work. You are looking for friends from another country or city to invite you travel. You will have some problems with your partner if you’re married. Remember that your sign is very fast and this leads him to make decisions that later regret. You’ll have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 00, 32 and 97. Your color, yellow or light gray.


Friday to be very much in love with or share more with your partner. Remember a friend of Libra, this 2017 is going to be of marriage union, so that it continues with that energy is a beautiful love and proyéctala in your environment. You are looking for other work or give you extra money. You receive a salary compensation. You are looking for a family to invite you to a wedding. Sales of journey, but it’s going to be very close to your home. You decide to buy another phone or change your plan. Remember that you will have to overcome all the complexes or traumas from your past to grow professionally. Your lucky numbers are 23, 40, and 91.


Weekend to reinvent yourself and start the best of this 2017. Remember that your sign is always in need of new challenges to follow, so you are just in time to make changes in everything related to your personal progress. This Friday, January 27th is a day of close circles with loves or friendships of the past. Remember that it is best to stay in peace and progress. Festejas this Saturday to a family. Sunday to be checking stationery of the school or into a course of metaphysics. You seek a love of the past to clarify issues. You’ll have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 03, 27, and 81. Remember not to rely on the work proposals prior to testing. I know that sometimes you get tired being married or with a partner and it is because your sign is very free and always wants to be in constant motion. Is to give you time for yourself, take care of stomach aches.


This January 27 will come to your sign for a radical change to your life. You decide to leave your job or find a better one. Remember, friend sagittarius that you are in your year of economic progress, so don’t think so much and just do it. You get a familiar story that will leave you very thoughtful or you’re going to try to give emotional support to that person. Send it to fix your car or pay your monthly payments. For those of you who are married, they will have the surprise of a pregnancy. Remember that February is going to be very good for your sign in everything related to the business or closure of contracts. You buy clothes or shoes for a wedding. Saturday party or to be very happy. Try not to take too much alcohol or stop the vices. You’ll have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 20, 06, and 44. Your color, strong blue.


This January 27 will be full of good news for job or recruitment in an international company. Only take care of legal problems or tries to pay debts of the past. Receive economic recognition on this day. Be careful with discussions with your partner and just be calm. You will be with procedures to go on a trip or you’ll be buying a plane ticket. You are very charismatic and that makes anyone fall in love with you, but try not to be unfaithful. Sunday to be at a christening or birthday family. In this month of February will come great changes in your life, so get ready to live it intensely. You’ll have a stroke of luck the day Sunday with the numbers 18, 07 and 66. Put your day of birth before the numbers to which you customise your luck.


This 27 January is a day of festivities. Your sign whenever your birthday is renewed. These are times of change and learning, just to let the people who hurt you. You receive a gift you weren’t expecting. Friday to be with a lot of work or have end of the month. Remember a friend of Aquarium that you have to manage your time. You are looking for a love and it’s going to be to return, is to give you a new opportunity. Manage your home or purchase furniture. Strange a lot of people who are no longer with you, try to remember what is beautiful. You are invited to go on a trip near your home. You update your car insurance. Be careful with the alcohol because you’re going to have a lot of parties this weekend. You’ll have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 01 and 34. Your colors, the red and white. You look for a friend of Aries or Libra to talk business.


Friday 27, lucky days for your sign Pisces, and more related to sales or closures of contracts. Is getting dressed on that day of strong colors so that the good energy is in your environment. Remember that you should take care of your money and try not to spend on products that do not need. You are looking for a new love in the sign Cancer or Libra that is going to be very compatible with you. You are very intense and your temperament makes you have problems in your work, tries to control you always. Take care of sore bones or hip. You are very good for the design, try to take a course. Saturday party or go out with friends. You shopping for clothing. You decide to sell your car or trade it for a new one. Take care of your words, try not to offend. Sunday to go out with your family. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 22 and 71.


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