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Friday a lot of work, or to stay in together last minute, also for changes in your company. Remember that this month of February is going to be very important to you in business matters. But before I recommend, have prudence and patience in matters of opinion, of work, remember to control your character so that you don’t look wrapped up in the problems of gossip. It will be a long weekend and we invite you to go on a trip, you’ll have a lot of parties this Saturday and Sunday will come to you as a stroke of luck with the numbers 31 and 28 and the white color. You buy clothes and shoes for a party. Issues love will come to you several lovers from the past trying to get back to be in couple and loves new of the sign of Aquarius, and Gemini. Try to take care of bone problems or back. You get a surprise gift. You go to the doctor for a surgery that will come out very well.


Friday luck in games of chance or lottery with your numbers 09 and 21. Is put a lot of perfume after your bath so that the good energy will keep more time. Remember that your sense of humor makes the whole world will look to you to share with them. In love you will be very well with your partner and you will feel very much in love. To the unmarried, there will come a love that is passionate and fleeting these days. Be careful with the alcohol or tries not to drive when you’re on holiday. You are very good to make money but you should also teach you to manage more. Sunday live with their family or invite you to a roast beef. Manage your home or you decide to paint it. They give you a day of vacation and decide to spend it with your family. Beware of stomach aches. Comes a help from a friend very important in matters of business.


Weekend of a lot of fun and be having of the best, you reencuentras with a love of the past that will talk back or be coming out again. Be careful Gemini, if you are married, especially in matters of lawsuits by jealousy or distrust. Friday a lot of work and hanging out with your coworkers to celebrate a birthday, try to find more employment options so that they don’t feel so wasted. Saturday and Sunday, many celebrations and family gatherings. You buy a phone, you decide to take a course of pilates or enter again to the gym. Sales travel for work or you are going to visit a family member. Take care a lot your money or try to be more cautious to spend. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 00 and 21 on Saturday.


Friday of surprises in love or feel very well. Remember a friend to Cancer this month of February will be done everything that you had in plans to formalize with your partner and to the Cancer that are unmarried will come a love of the earth sign that is going to be very compatible with you. Take care of yourself from the pains of intestines or liver, try not to take much medicine or alcohol. They arrive at your home family for a wedding. You receive a good news in your work. If you’re selling something like a car or property, it is the time to do it, as you will have all the luck. Remember that we are what we think, so try to put more positive thoughts into your life. Your lucky numbers are 21 and 33. Your colors, the red and white.


Friday to have a lot of work or advance a project. Be careful with the accidents in the street or try not to be alone. You shopping clothes for a family wedding. You get a news about a pregnancy. You get extra money from the sale of a car. You change your plan or cell phone you decide to change your phone company. With your partner you will be the best and decide to take a trip. For its part, leos who are single, it will be a weekend of many loves passionate without commitment. Trying to go on with the courses of personal enrichment or of languages. Take care of your heritage or try to be more careful with your material goods. Never fumble for that love that won’t come back, try to concentrate on meeting new people in your life. You’ll have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 21 and 37.


Friday concern work, you review from your boss or sudden changes of position, so try to be aware of all movements, and make no comment with friends from work. Remember that the jealousy you are going to be around this Friday, that’s why is put a lot of perfume and a bit of silver to break up these negative energies. You’ll have three days of fun, or invite you to go on a trip this long weekend. Be careful with your leg or back, try not to load heavy things. You buy a new phone or renew yours. You are very sentimental in love and that makes you take very seriously everything that says your partner. Try to relax and enjoy your loving relationship. The virgo singles come to you of loves fleeting and passionate. You’ll have a stroke of luck on Sunday with the numbers 26 and 30.


Friday to be at peace with yourself and feel that you are growing as a person. Remember, friend of Pound that you have to take the problems more calmly and not let others influence your mood. You get extra money and do shopping for your home. You will have some problems with your partner and it will be because of late payments, try to discuss it and you don’t get to lawsuits. Singles of the sign of Libra will come back with a ex-partner. Do necessary changes in your home. Is emplearte the weekends putting up a business and grow economically. Sunday to celebrate a family birthday. You seek a love of the sign of Aries which is going to be banned. Your lucky numbers are 00, 71, and 98.


Friday to be working a lot and make back payments on issues your credit card or a car. Try to be current with your debts. You are looking for a passionate love to go back to or be together this weekend. Be careful of family problems or try not to be in a bad mood this Saturday. Be careful with skin problems or sexual, is to go to your doctor for a review. You are very honest and sometimes that hurts others. Learn to be a little reserved in your tips, and so you’re going to see how you will last more friends. You will have a surprise of a pregnancy family. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the day 3 of February, with the numbers 03 and 44. Already don’t think of what that was not, is close circles and move forward in your life.


Friday many earrings at work or school, try to finish up all your time so you don’t have problems with your boss. You’ll have much luck in matters of loving and this weekend will come to you a new love and very stable in your life. The Sagittarius partner will be very romantic. You’ll know a operation family. File it to get your driver license. Already do not be so spiteful with your family, try not to fight. Beware of theft or loss. Try to be more cautious, especially in the holidays. You are very complicated for your finances, try to find out who will help you to bring your management. You comes extra money, or you pay a debt of the past. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 33 and 37. Your color, strong blue.


Friday to be analyzing the changes necessary to be better in your life. Remember, friend Capricorn that you are in time to make decisions on issues of couple. Weekend of fun and festivities. Remember that you need to sometimes have fun, that not everything is work, and sometimes your sign is very stressed with work, so buy clothes and salt with friends. Be careful with problems in the neck or back and it stops to be lifting weights or exercise ends. File it payments of your school or college for your children. Saturday made a few changes in your home. You get extra money for reasons of lottery with the numbers 17 and 04. A love of the sign of Gemini or Virgo will be looking to get out.


Weekend to be with many surprises around you. Remember that you are at your best time and this makes your positive energy to grow more. Festejas and receive gifts that you did not expect. You seek a love of the past to return. File it to take a course in personal improvement. Do you order around your house and change your furniture. Searching for you family to invite you to eat. Saturday to go out with your friends, just try to take care of alcohol or eat too much. You’ll have three lucky days in love and if you already have a partner will be very much in love, and singles will come a love that is so passionate about. You’ll have a stroke of luck on the day 3 of February with the numbers 07 and 29. Your color, white. A friend asks to borrow. Purchases a plane ticket for a trip in April.


Weekend to be with very good company and talking about being very much in love. Remember that your sign is very sentimental and always needs to be with a couple and more in this year that is going to be very good in order to formalize your loving relationship. You get an extra money the day 03 of February with the numbers 41 and 06, it’s going to be a day of great luck for your sign up at all, so try to wear clothes of strong colors like red or blue so that your positive energy to shine. Saturday you go to a course mystic. Remember that your sign dominates everything connected with the supernatural or occult sciences. Take care of headaches or neck. You looking to make a few late payments. Remember that you always have problems in that regard. Take care of yourself from the negative thoughts, try to always leave the bad behind. For singles of the sign of Pisces it’s going to be a long weekend and a lot of fun and loves shooting.


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