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Mhoni Seer brings in their horoscopes, the best rituals to get you the best of luck this month begins, so don’t leave home without reviewing everything that you have in store for the Stars.


This Friday will be a day of great luck for your sign, so try to close that contract you are offering. You’ll also have many pressures for last minute changes in your company, but try not to fall in discussions and get all the best possible. Comes a love that is very durable to your life in the signs of Libra or Pisces. You are invited to go on a trip in this month of July or you are visiting your family. Remember that you are the leader of the zodiac, so try to take a course of policy or leadership, that will help you a lot in the future. For Saturday I recommend lighting a candle of red color and cut your hair, but only the tips. Be sure to wear clothes of strong colors to completely renew all your energy and all of the month will go well. Your lucky numbers are 21, 33 and 45.


This Friday will be of many personal commitments, so try to manage your time so as not to look bad to nobody. Be careful with eye problems and buy yourself some sunglasses, remember, your weak point are the senses of sight and hearing. I recommend the Saturday light a red candle and put on new clothes strong color and a lot of perfume for the entire month of July reign the prosperity and abundance in your life. Try not to fall into fights with feral or with people outside of your life, it is very important that controls your temper to not get in trouble. You will have invitations to parties and a swimming pool for this weekend, do not hesitate, you’re going to have fun a lot. Try to keep studying and take English classes. Your lucky numbers are 31, 20 and 77.


This weekend you’ll have much luck in matters of the lottery, or extra money, remember that July is a very special month for you, so that you can expect lots of good news and abundance in your life. You search for a love outside to invite you to a trip. A family member will surprise you with the news that is going to be married. File it your passport to go on vacation in this month. The Twins are very affectionate and always looking to find the ideal couple to be happy, this week you will enter in the better stage to achieve this, especially with the signs Pisces and Libra, which are very compatible with you. Saturday, I recommend lighting a white candle and wear a lot of perfume of flowers, or woods strong so that the luck is on your side all weekend. Your lucky numbers are 02, 07, and 21.


Weekend of a lot of fun to start the celebrations of your birthday, you also receive a surprise of a love of the past. Care with skin problems, remember to use sunscreen. You get a new love very passionate of the sign of air. You’ll have a stroke of luck the July 1, with the numbers 03 and 21. Try to follow with your course of swimming and exercise. You are invited to go on a trip, take advantage of it to relax. You are looking for a family to ask for a signature to any endorsement or to take a credit. You buy a watch. Be careful with gossip, try not to talk much your personal matters. The Saturday turn on a red candle and put on a cleat, yellow tied with three knots in the right ankle and leave it there until it falls, that will serve as a protection for the entire month of July.


Friday a lot of work by the end of the month, your performance in the company is very important and you have all the support of your superiors, so keep up the good work to come soon that promotion you expect. Be careful with pains of the stomach and intestine, continues with the diet or try to eat more healthy. You’re the king of the zodiac and that means that it will always have a love to your hand, but already tries to control the sexual impulse and to be more faithful. Weekend of a lot of fun and a number of festivals, you use them to release stress. This Saturday I recommend you to use a lot of perfume and to put on a shirt or blouse new lighter color for that during all of July you have a lot of abundance and luck in economic issues. Remember that in this month you will come for a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 21, and 77.


Friday to make outstanding payments and be very limited economically, it seeks to manage better and not spend it on things you don’t need. I recommend lighting a candle of white color on the Saturday and load a bag red with seven coins and a dollar bill sprayed with your perfume, if you charge it always with you throughout the month will be very abundant. In love you’re very special, you get a number of loves new. Remember that you are the pillar of your house and your family is always going to depend on you, so try to support them in whatever they need. Women Virgo that are single comes a pregnancy surprise, so it is best to be careful. There will be a stroke of luck with the numbers 03, 22 and 17. In this month you will be given the opportunity to change your house or you go to live abroad, think again.


Weekend of extra work by the end of the month, plus you always want to do everything yourself so that it is well done. Be careful with problems of the spine and back, try not to load heavy things. An old love of the earth sign you are looking for them to be a couple, but try to think very well. I recommend you wear something of silver as a chain, earrings or a currency, as well as lighting a candle blue to protect you throughout the month. The Pound who are single, they should stop wanting to force things and let it all flow, this weekend will be a new love that will make you happy. You search for your sister to ask for advice or money. Try not to eat more and continue with the exercise. You give away a pet. Your lucky numbers are 43, 22, and 09.


Friday a lot of work pressure, try not to fall into anger with your co-workers, and continues to be fulfilled and responsible, that always makes you look good with your superiors. You get an extra money for a late payment of commissions. In this month of July you ask for your vacation, and you get away with your family to a beach, do it, that will help you a lot to renew your energies. In love try not to be so jealous remember that the basis of all relationship is trust. This Saturday, I recommend lighting a candle red and put holy water in the back of the neck and front for that whole month you have spiritual protection. Remember that your sign is the one that has the mind stronger, so that it performs what you think, is that they are positive things. Your lucky numbers are 32, 10, and 87.


Weekend very good luck to your around. Remember that the summer and going out to take the sun makes your positive energy to grow stronger, that’s why I recommend that the sabbath garments a candle white and give baths with salt water, whether you same the you prepare with salt grain or have the opportunity to do so in the sea, this will help you to attract the prosperity and health to your life. Be careful with problems of gastritis or ulcers, try not to eat much spicy or drinking a lot of alcohol and go with a nutritionist that will instruct diet. Shopping a new cellphone or change the plan. You go on a trip these days. You decide to be a time without a partner and get out more with your friends to have fun. You’ll have a stroke of luck that you will get a extra money on the Saturday with the numbers 32, 10, and 76.


This Friday you’ll have a dinner date with a new love, remember that with the start of July also enter your best stage to fall in love and start a stable relationship. Be very careful with what you sign and check very good all of your contracts, especially if you get to take a credit in any store. File it your residence permit or visa american. A family is looking for you to put a business on the weekends, you should take advantage of to get more revenue out of your money problems. This Saturday, I recommend lighting a candle with white and use a lot of perfume to all the good energies are with you throughout the month. Be very careful with diseases of the lung or throat, try to leave a little of the cigar. You’ll have a stroke of luck with the numbers 21, 34 and 77.


Weekend to go on a trip and be in contact with nature, remember that your sign is dominated by feel-free in all the senses. Careful with legal problems and tries to solve all your pending payments from home. Will purchase tires to your car thinking of a trip you want to do on the road. You’re a good friend, but try to make it very clear what the boundaries are so as not to confuse friendship with love. You look for someone of fire sign to invite you out to a romantic trip. Still with the diet, try not to eat more and control a little more alcohol. I recommend lighting a red candle on Saturday and put a lime in your bag, the next day toss it for the entire month of July to reign in your life peace and prosperity. Your magic numbers are 31, 22 and 09.


This weekend will be to reinvent yourself completely, take advantage of that, July is a month with very good vibes to your sign, take the opportunity to change jobs or start a business of their own. Your friends invite you to go on a trip to the beach. Tries to pay overdue bills and not create problems where there are none. You get an new love of the fire sign that is going to be very passionate and will fill you with many gifts. If you’re in a relationship, but since you’re not comfortable in it, it is best to be honest, speak clearly and give yourself a time to reconsider your situation. This Saturday I recommend you to use new shoes and light a yellow candle to attract success. A person of the sign Aries it will seek to arrange a legal matter or litigation, is to be aware of. Your lucky numbers are 32, 10, and 88.


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