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April 2, 2017 – 18:11 Rodrigo, with his five senses working perfectly, decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, Antonio, who was world champion with The Bats. Is proudly goalkeeper of the selection of youth football for the blind and one of the two salteños of the team that won the silver medal in the parapan american Games in San Pablo. Since your post is the one in charge of guiding their fellow non-sighted and leaves a beautiful message of overcoming. An example.

Help us to understand some of the basic rules of this discipline and its differences with the conventional football…
Is football 5, the matches are played in 2 times of 20 minutes, there are two referees to better control each play. The pitch is divided into three thirds: the first third is the area of the goalkeeper and a defender, is in the middle, and the third is the area to the contrary. In the first third must be guided by the goalkeeper, in the second it corresponds to the technical and in the third, one assistant guide.
There is a lot of communication of the three visionaries, that we are the archer, the technical director and the guide, with the players, which in turn are guided by a capsule which contains the ball inside, that way you have a notion about the track record. The ball is of a special material that does not bounce and do not graze.

How much had to see your father for you you will add to this discipline and how it all started for you?
My old me influenced this since I was born, from a little boy he already took me to the fields to see him play.
I grew up watching and there I was acclimating to this sport so cute.
I started with the football for the blind for two and a half years in the Popeye Club, and last year it gave me the opportunity to integrate the Selection. Apart from taking me to court, my old man taught me the movements, everything that makes an archer, how to cope inside the pitch and outside as well. I also had the help of my brother, who was guiding me. As he is also an archer, he helped me on the topic of the preparation. My dad and my brother are the pillars that propelled me in this sport.
FADEC (the Argentinian Federation of Sports for the Blind) would be the AFA football for the blind. This sport little by little is growing, but it is a very slow process.
These have now been added to the youth categories, so that more in the future do not be left without players. The juveniles, ranging from 14 to 23 years. Now there are also The Murcielaguitos, ranging from 10 to 14, or that is added to another generation more. Argentina was the first to form youth.
Then continued to Brazil and the rest. Salta is a step forward and here are three clubs: Popeye, Tiro Federal and Foundation Alike. Now it created the women’s football, and my brother will be the DT of the Selection argentina, another source of pride for the family. The next year will compete in a tournament in Austria and relies on the acceptance that you have to install discipline.

All with effort

How is your life outside this beautiful sport?
I train and study every day. I would like to make a career in this, get to the major Selection. Sometimes at school I lack time.
For each championship you have to be relentless on the double. Study Faculty of Physical Education. In the case of the goalkeeper, but you cannot see it, the requirement is twofold, because the archer there is only one and you have to compete for a spot, unlike the field players.
There is No time to rest because the others will come eating the heels. There are people who talk about things without knowing about this sport, until you cussing if you’re an archer, because he thinks that being a seer, do you get benefits because you do not have any disability, but there is nothing easy. One in this is not prepared in a day, it is a process and we have to train. Put yourself in the place of one. To me for the post I saved the potatoes to have a father who is blind, to the fact to guide you, tell you “be careful there is a well”, for example, that helped me to guide more easy to my classmates, to tell you how many steps you have to do to find the ball.
And besides you have to address, because if you will you be staying hung guiding you to your defender so you have the front opposite to the front.

In this discipline emphasize values very noble...
So it is: the camaraderie, the constant communication, and guiding the other. This teaches us to be very united, we must be like brothers on the court, while outside there may be differences. And is a constant work to understand day-to-day, your preparation time.
The nicest thing about this sport is that it incorporates the blind to independence, to to be able to move through the streets without the help of another, to walk or cross the street without anyone to guide you, and that kind of stuff.
It is a sport that helps a lot with integration. There is a case of a mate of mine, a boy who lost the sight of big. For him it was very difficult to start from scratch.
At the beginning we had to rely on his mother, that suits your clothes, the boots. But with the passing of the years, he learned to be guided only.
That is very cute, a blind man, gives you tools to defend themselves. The sport helps to remove the fears.

Just tell us about your experience at the parapan american.
For the majority of that traveled to Brazil was his first time abroad, his first tournament representing the Selection, all children aged 12 to 18 years. Imagine the nerves of the first match, up against Brazil, nothing less. We knew unwrap, and thank God it was fine. We played three games to reach the final. In the debut we beat Brazil 1 to 0; then to Colombia 3 to 1 and Mexico 4 to 1. And in the final against Brazil the referees we are not favored but we took the medal. It was a huge thrill to represent the country, hence it is seen that the effort has its fruit. The point of the Hymn is the most exciting thing, to know that you’re representing a country, you get goose bumps. There I thought of my family and all the work done.

What is your message to the guys not ones who want to associate with the sport?

Communicate with the Secretariat or with the clubs and may choose the sport they want, because there are several, not just football. If you want to discuss with us, at my club we have the doors open to all. In Popeye looking guys inside, of Oran, Tartagal, to sum them up, not so much by their conditions for football but also to put them out of their home, to integrate them, to gain independence. A football club 11 ward brings to the kids of the drug. And our mission is to get the boys home, bring them in to let them know that they can, that there are sports suitable for them.
What lessons you left your father?
It is an example of life for me. From chico we started down, we were humble, we didn’t have a social position or a well-being. And he got the family to the shoulder and out into the street to work to feed us. To this effort, one being the son has to return. It is a whole person, respectable, who made it worth playing in the Selection and in life. I have to reward him somehow. Little shows, but I know that you are proud of to follow his path.


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