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Wilber Torres Morales, deputy of the base of the FSLN, is the first parliamentary non-seer, that records the history of the National Assembly. A momentous change not only for the chamber but for the life of Torres, a man demobilized from 55 years of age.

“Being then in session, for me it was something awesome, incredible, because it is an opportunity, a space, a right to be here, present, vote, express opinions like any citizen,” said Torres, who was sworn in as a deputy alternate the past nine January.

Their efforts are supported by Margarita Algaba, who said: “journalists want to talk to you”, when we asked him for an interview. She is the wizard Towers, who always accompanies him in the National Assembly.

Torres makes sure to have well placed your prosthesis in the right ear to meet the media. “I am a member of the sector of persons with disabilities, a sector to which the Government of Nicaragua is giving his restitution of rights, recognizing the right of we persons with disabilities to have a say in all aspects of society, politics,” replied the legislator.

Torres is deputy alternate of Laura Estela Bermudez. In the list of 20 candidates to deputies by constituency, national filed by the Alliance of the FSLN. Both occupied the 14th position, and precisely the FSLN won 14 legislators in this constituency in the past elections of the six November.

A grenade left him blind

“I’m from Managua, but it represented the disabled at the national level, the idea here for us is basically to see everything related to people with disabilities, promoting laws on benefits of the sector of persons with disabilities, to ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities are cross-cutting in all the initiatives of law,” Torres said, referring to its objectives.

Is a victim of war, a 17-year-old was left blind product of the blast of a grenade, which also left him with lesions in his ears. At that time, fought in some barricades in the eastern neighborhoods of Managua, in June of 1979, when he was attacked with grenades launched by the guardia somocista.

Torres is the coordinator of the Organization of Revolutionary Disabled “Ernesto Che Guevara” (ORD-Che Guevara), who works in the integration of people with disabilities in different sectors of the society. In addition it has a workshop of auxiliary equipment for people with disabilities.

All with Voice

“You have it in mind that the person with a disability is one who asks for alms, which is always poor and in misery, but here we are talking about a person with a disability who represents a sector that asserts their rights. The Government, through all programs as the program, All with Voice, he has managed to win spaces with an inclusive education for persons with disabilities, we integrate fully to the society,” noted Torres.

“No country is built for people with disabilities”, noted the deputy. “That is why disabled people we have to influence society. This Government is the one that more has been done to remove physical barriers and to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the various social tasks,” he added.

In that sense, Torres refers to the building of the National Assembly. “You have to be clear that these are old buildings”, therefore, even though a “Law 763 of persons with disabilities says that the whole building has to be with the physical structures appropriate for persons with disabilities, with the accessibility appropriate.” Stressed that “we must conform, there is another, and we must be comprehensible in that it should go part by part”.

Special provision

The deputy sandinista Carlos Emilio López, a member of the Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs and the Committee on Women, Youth, Children and Family, highlighted the special provision that is executed to facilitate the performance of Torres in the Legislature.

“In the case of the companion Wilber, has taken a measure that is inclusive in the parliament and is that is allows you to that your companion is with him at all, have seen that the floor does not enter anyone, only the deputies and the Police when you have already completed the session, but the companion of Wilber enters with him,” explained Lopez.

Effectively, Margarita Algaba accompanying Towers, even during sessions in the chamber, where she sits down at the pair of Towers as his assistant. Algaba also works in the ORD-Che Guevara.

“There is a provision that Wilber to every place in between with his companion, as when there is a meeting of caucus, when we are only the deputies discussing internal things, such as analyzing the laws, or who will intervene (in the plenary). This provision facilitates the interaction of Wilber with the rest of the deputies and staff of the Assembly, to facilitate their work legislative,” stressed Lopez.

The National Assembly also “has made an investment in infrastructure, placing ramps, bars, placing signage in the parking lots for persons with disabilities, by wide corridors. All the buildings have lifts, conditions in the bathrooms. There is an investment in infrastructure for social inclusion and parliamentary communication”, claimed Lopez.


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