A famous seer brazilian said to the media a future very disheartening for Neymar. With a few statements very curious in a radio program generated a lot of concern to those who believe in these things, and also some mockery of the most skeptical. Carlinhos is a well-known seer, brazilian and in an interview to the program ‘Radio Jornal’ sure it does not have good news to Neymar Jr.

According to the seer, Neymar will not come to Russia next year to play the World of football. It will not be for matters of tactics or discipline, but by physical problems, because it will suffer an injury. «Neymar is going to go through a phase of six or seven months in bed, not going to be able to play the World», has advanced the seer Carlinhos.

The curious predictions of a seer on Neymar that ... - 90Min - 90min 1

If the curious predictions of the seer were to be true, it would be a big miss for the brazilian. Neymar is the leader and main hope for Brazil to get the World Cup. If I could not compete in the championship, things would be difficult for the ‘pentacampeona’.

Similarly, Carlinhos ensures that Tite (coach of the Brazil team) will continue to play a large job, but it will not be enough to win the World cup. «Tite is going to be one of the best teams, but I don’t see Brazil champion, I see Germany. Brazil will end up between the third and the fourth,» said the seer, Carlinhos.

The curious predictions of a seer on Neymar that ... - 90Min - 90min 2

Could it be that these predictions will prove true? It only remains to wait what the future holds for Neymar and Brazil.