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Police looking intensely at a woman who, by pretending to be the seer, has cheated several people in San Lorenzo. Up to now filed two complaints in which the victims confess that they gave him substantial sums of money on loan, and never were returned.

It is a citizen of chile, who made his home with his family -the accompanying an older man and two young children – in a luxurious home located right in the centre and moving through the city in a pickup truck Nissan latest model with patent to the country.

Called Luciana Angeles, evidemente an alias, and marketing activities with leaflets that were distributed in the public right of way. She claimed that she had «powers» that allowed him to foresee the future and solve problems affective that plagued the unwary that the consulted.

Revealed that were charging thousand pesos for the consultation. It was called «tarot reader», promised to reveal the future of their clients and claimed to have conocientos of black magic. But that was not all, in two cases, he succeeded, thanks to his capacity for persuasion, that he saved large sums of money in exchange of their services.

A man reported that the woman threw the letters and assured her that she had «done wrong» and that to contrarrestrarlo had to make a «sacrifice»: I had to give him all the money he had saved. He handed over 98 thousand pesos, but nothing happened, and the silver disappeared.

A similar case took the victim to an older woman, who consulted to the false guess that helps solve a problem that affects them and found that he was asked to deliver 150 thousand pesos for «speed healing». What did and not only did not improve but got no monies.

Or well, there were allegations, the false seer and his so-called family have disappeared from the places they used to frequent. Police looking to give up their accounts with Justice.


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