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Deseret Tavares is a boyacense who possesses supernatural powers, which give you the opportunity to read the future.

This seer has earned its name thanks to the accurate predictions in the world of the show, as the separation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; death of Juan Gabriel and until the resignation of Benedict XVI from his position as Supreme Pontiff.

«Juan Gabriel is going to have a shock very strong. You may have a heart attack around October or September of next year», he predicted the colombian in a station of the Angels, a year before the death of ‘the Divo of Juarez’.

Las 30 imágenes del 'eterno adiós' de los mexicanos a su ídolo Juan Gabriel 20

The images of the ‘eternal goodbye’ of the mexican idol Juan Gabriel 20

The 30 images of the ‘eternal goodbye’ of the mexican idol Juan Gabriel 20

Another mexican singer who could suffer the same fate of John Gabriel would be Vicente Fernandez, for whom Deseret, see, the days are numbered.

«When I saw him he had nine months,» announced the Tavares at the beginning of the 2017.

However, a great commotion has generated the latest predictions that gave the seer colombian to the program Informants from the Canal Caracol.

Among its most apocalyptic predictions is the disappearance of six u.s. cities because of nuclear weapons. Among the capital cities that would be devastated would be Los Angeles, the city where he lives this ‘pitoniza’ over ten years ago.

Misil EE.UU.

The head of the missile with the equipment of telemetry, that in a real case can carry a nuclear warhead, was placed in orbit to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere.


As for the future of the united States, according to the colombian, the maximum leader, the president, Donald Trump, would be killed during his second year of mandate. Another controversial forecasts.

«Trump did not finish his presidency… I saw that in the first two years of his presidency, he will kill it and it kills an american”.

Donald Trump, presidente de Estados Unidos

Donald Trump, president of the united States


A grim future

Another of the prophecies in the that Deseret has been successful is that of natural disasters. The earthquakes in Haiti and Chile in 2010; the catastrophe in Mocoa the beginning of 2017 and the two earthquakes that struck Mexico in September, were shown by his letters.

«I see many things that have to do with water, I see cities covered in mud», foreshadowed the colombian long before the natural disaster in Mocoa.

Vista aérea de Mocoa en la tragedia

This was a sector of Mocoa after the deadly avalanche that swept away everything in its path by the people.

Photo: EFE Agency

«They say the cards, the loss of large property in Mexico. Shows that it is a period where there is an energy of purification that begins to whip Mexico and brand many deaths,» he said in video Deseret much before the occurrence of the devastating earthquake of last September 19.

Terremoto México Galería 20

A strong earthquake of 7.1 magnitude shook Mexico in September.


The future is not encouraging, as the seer makes sure that a tsunami will hit Indonesia; will overflow the river Mississippi; in addition to the eruption of several volcanoes in Colombia and Mexico.

Colombia and its future

Among the forecasts are more encouraging for Colombia is the classification of the selection tricolor the World cup in Russia 2018.

«They have one foot inbound. They come to Russia. Although I do not see going on the second or third round,» predicted that encourages the colombian, before the important and decisive game against Peru on Tuesday.

Teófilo Gutiérrez

Teófilo Gutiérrez, in front of the Junior and the Selection Colombia.

EFE / El País

In policy, ensures that the more strong to stay with the presidency of Colombia, according to his letters, is Germán Vargas Lleras.


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