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The seer Hayimi visited the set of ‘I have Something to Tell you», program of Latin led by Lady Guillen. In it, he talked about his gift with clairvoyance and contacts with the beyond. But one revelation in particular brought tears to Lady.

«Tell me, Hayimi, do you hear or see? What express your gift?», he asked quietly , Lady Guillen. The driver was trying to that the seer would be known as it used to your ability to communicate with the beyond.

«At the moment of making contact with many people that I’m going to see or when I go to many places, I hear voices. Gives Me a lot of grief when there are many family members who do not want contact with their loved ones,»answered Hayimi to the question of Lady Guillen.

«When I entered the set and saw you, I noticed the presence of your grandpa. Is happy your grandpa. Feel proud of yourself. I broke the voice, because the lord is sad. Really, you’ve accomplished many things and gives you a lot of joy», said Hayimi to Lady Guillen.

Faced with this revelation, Lady Guillen , began to cry in the middle of the set. The memory of her grandfather affected her quite a bit. But the seer Hayimi did not stop there, he continued telling the driver everything that he had said to his grandpa.

«Is joyful, happy and at the same time worried. Worried because you graduated but wants you to get your degree. For him it is very important that you unset title», said the seer Hayimi to Lady Guillen.

«You’ve made a lot of changes in your life. He gave a lot of grief, much sadness. As I wanted to be alive when you had that misfortune. However, it says that you change your way of thinking. You don’t have bad luck in love and is going to reach the right person», said the seer to Lady Guillen.

«He wasn’t surprised that soon you’ll arise in the policy, you are going to dabble in politics and you are going to go very well. You are going to get excellent,» said the seer Hayimi to Lady Guillen.

Hayimi y Lady Guillén

Hayimi and Lady Guillen

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