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Today will be a day indelible in the life of Matthew Carbajal. This little athlete not a seer will participate for the first time in a competition. The race will take place today, at 15, in The Awning. But this fact is only a small chapter of a great story.
Matthew is eight years old and the first obstacle that had presented itself to the four days of life, when a bacteria in hospital generated the total detachment of the retina. From that moment, your reality and your family will be transformed completely.
But fate kept surprises. Matthew grew up in a family full of love and support; and that is where Stephanie and Brian, his parents, played a key role. On their way through the kindergarten, the small began to show signs of immense strength of will. This characteristic is confirmed when she began primary school, and a lot more when you started to play sports.
Today it is with a great motivation. In the past two months, this small athlete he was preparing together with the guide Walter Nuozzi to participate in the race today, in The Awning. And in this new stage had much to do with the support of his mother Stefania and of her coach , Walter. They have a lot to say.

The story of Matthew Carbajal, the young athlete is not the seer ... - Journal of Democracy 1

The testimony of Stephanie, the mother of the little warrior
– How did the interest of Matthew for the athletics?

– He was going to football until the intermediate of the director of school 29, Marisa Larroca, we met Walter (Nuozzi), and so he began to train. It also makes kempo. But today, Matthew enjoys very much going to train with Walter, who always was very biased. He has a patience and a huge heart. What helped a lot because Matthew was a lot of time at home and now goes out, it is worth to train. All of this helped a lot to sociabilizarse. It is like that at some point all this changed his life, thank god.

– What is the disability of Matthew?
– Has retinal detachment in both of his eyes. It was not of birth. At four days old grabbed a bacterium in the hospital who was hospitalized, in Buenos Aires, and I ate part of the two eyes. The three months we did an operation in one eye, but turned back to the retina to detach, and it yielded no result. And well, today is a boy not a seer.

– How continued your life?
– Luckily as normal as possible. Went to the garden and to the school alone, never in need of a master integrator, or anything. Never hurt and always was able to handle very well. You like to ride your bike, on rollers, has no fear. The truth that Matthew is going to the front.

– How do you live the fact that you will intervene in this competition?
– With many nerves because this is all very new to us. But hey, Matthew, we’re and we we put together of force. It is very exciting to all. Honestly, we never thought that we were going to be living it is so cute.

– How is he?
– Is a guy re independent, more sociable, mate, and very brave. This time is very important to us and we have to thank, in large part, Marisa (directora) because she put us in contact with Walter. Walter too, because he, with his work, it made Matthew feel more confident and that security also noticed us in the family. So for us what is going on is very important.

The story of Matthew Carbajal, the young athlete is not the seer ... - Journal of Democracy 2

Nuozzi: «we Fulfill the function of a GPS for athletes»
– How do you establish the link with Matthew?
– This is the result of a sum of wills. I three years ago that I belong to a foundation in Buenos Aires which is called Eagle Eye and is formed by a group of guides for athletes with visual impairment. Most of the races of this mode is concentrated in the Federal Capital city and very few in the interior of the province, then the idea is to expand. I talked to a personal friend, who is a councilman, Marcelo Garcia, that I wanted to do something in Junín with this issue and he contacted me with Karina Sánchez (director of Disability); and then we began to shape a work that is related to the disability and sport.

– That is to say that Matthew would be one of the first athletes of the project here in Junín.
– Exactly, you are already engaged several, at the national level are well-known Fernando Sosa and Paul Round; and Martin Kremenchuzky that would be the main exponent. Recently, Martin came to present his book (Blind Trust) in Junin and in this framework also gave a talk on the present Matthew (8) and another boy from Junín, which is called Ezekiel (10). To listen to Martin the guys are motivated a lot and they decided to start participating. We talked with the parents and the family context of the two boys showed a lot of interest and a lot of predisposition. In the case of Matthew, his parents, Stephanie and Brian, accompanied him from the first moment and very quickly started to train in the park Borchex.

– How are the workouts?
– We are guides, we fulfill the function of a GPS for athletes. They depend on our eyes. Knowing that planned trainings and participations in competitions. Today, Matthew has a tremendous amount of excitement, he is very happy and is eager to participate. That is already a huge achievement for us. Is the first athlete in eight years to compete in the province of Buenos Aires with that age. In the official records are not participants of the characteristics of Matthew. That is to say, without knowing it, he is making history. Also it is the smallest of our foundation.

– How would you describe your relationship with him?
– The link that is established is very special, I don’t know if I could describe with words. I can assure you that he teaches me many things. Among the satisfactions that gives this work, which incidentally is ad honorem, is the joy of sharing the growth of the athletes. In the case of Matthew, he was a boy very shy and today is changing a lot, is more uninhibited and in sports has improved as well. Two months ago, we are preparing for this race for him will be the first.

The story of Matthew Carbajal, the young athlete is not the seer ... - Journal of Democracy 3

– How did your vocation?
– Three years ago I went to Mar del Plata to participate in a marathon and there I met Ariel Scavo, who is the director of the foundation’s Eagle Eye. There I saw next to a boy blind, I went over to talk with them and the truth that caught me the idea. So I made a commitment, I started to travel and to instruct me as a guide to these athletes. The support of my family, my wife and my two children, has been fundamental. It is a huge pleasure for me. There is No money that represents the embrace and affection of the athletes. Or talk to in the case of Matthew, the relationship that we have is very nice, a lot of trust, we have permanent communication, and it is a huge satisfaction for me to be able to accompany you in your first race.

In this way, Matthew will have today a special day. His intervention in the race will have the support of their parents, family, peers and school officials, who will travel up to The Awnings in a combi that the municipality of Junín them gave freely.
Perhaps today will be one of the happiest days of your life. Matthew will be along to Walter, you will hear the breath of their loved ones and enjoy the enormous pleasure that the be accompanied.


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