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The astrologer Mhoni Martínez de León, better known as Mhoni Vidente, revealed what will happen at the beginning of the total eclipse of the sun.

The woman visited the morning show “A New Day”, where he talked about the prediction that had focused for the event of 21 August.

Although he confessed that all are excited by live it and enjoy it, the phenomenon will mark a change in the world and the beginning of things that are not so positive.

This has been said

The seer said that this day there will be revelations, as it will change the future of humanity forever.

“Things are very strong to be better, God in his power is going to save the human being, but what you have to do this day is turn on a white candle, pray, put holy water on it and try to help, because it comes a cataclysm, a war, so you need to be prepared for that,” he predicted.

#Notice no eclipse brings us energy to positive to our lives,so it’s important to protect yourself and try not to view it or…

Posted by Mhoni Vidente on Monday, August 21, 2017

The magical darkness in the united States

A shadow swept through the country diagonally in 92 minutes.

The first total solar eclipse that crosses EE. UU. in 99 years it was a show of magical sensations that drew millions of people.

For about an hour and a half the Sun was slowly disappearing. At 14:46 local time, for two minutes and one second, it was dark.

The moon stood in front of the Sun and this was left to see. After that darkness, the Sun reappeared gradually as the eclipse was leaving.


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