Juan Manuel Vargas: a seer predicts something catastrophic to the athlete … – Daily Eye

It’s not going to believe! The seer Franklin Steiner was presented today in the web-based program «girls in The Gobber» in that surprised more than one with their predictions.

It is so that the seer gave their predictions on the world of sport, but in addition is encouraged to consult his tarot on the future of the media Juan Manuel Vargas.

It is so Steiner has predicted something that saddened a lot of fans of Juan Manuel Vargas: «Slights, but the blame for romantic problems, those romantic problems, it’s going to lead to him not to continue with success, as that will leave streaks of bad luck where he is going to get involved in romantic problems, and that is what is going to make you lose meaningful friendships, they’re not going to stop developing as a professional, even coming out until separation with the loved one, he says that this is going to grieve a lot, but for gossip, for people who are going to be embroiled in scandals, in trouble,»he said.


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