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In the program hosted by Carlos Gáldos is presented to the seer Monica Galliani. She performed a reading of letters to forecast the development of the huaicos, rains and flooding in Peru.

On the huaicos, the seer mentioned that this is still the onset of the disaster. Their letters ‘told’ that there will be disasters in the Centre of Lima. “Flooding in the central part with losses and blockages. Chaos of people and the environment: trucks, cases, desperate people”, he mentioned.

The seer describes the landscape of the country. “They are going to miss hands to collaborate and attend to what that cause losses. The north side is going to suffer much more. The help of the authorities did not keep up.”

Among the most important and deplorable is the loss of classes in the schools. “Classes of children will be affected. Not only by the stoppage of classes, if not by the colleges will collapse”.

How long will this tragedy? “Up to four weeks. After the fourth week is going to be difficult to the attention of the people,” added the seer.

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